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Dec.10-Dec.17Top Rated Software Free Download
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AutoFTP Professional 4.8Shareware
Automated ftp client with flexible scheduler.
Categeries:Servers & Network>FTP ClientsAdded date: Aug.17 Rating:5.0
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Medlin Accounts Payable 4.0Shareware
Is a simple and easy to use software program to pay your bills.
Categeries:Business>Business FinanceAdded date: Aug.21 Rating:5.0
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SF Business Card
SF Business Card is a business card design environment.
Categeries:Business>Business ManagementAdded date: Aug.18 Rating:5.0
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PICVideo was created using Pegasus' PICTools line of development technologies.
Categeries:Photo & Image>Digital Photo ToolsAdded date: Aug.17 Rating:5.0
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WinWhatWhere Investigator 4.2Shareware
Unique ability to invisibly monitor and record all keyboard activity placing
Categeries:Security>Monitoring SoftwareAdded date: Aug.17 Rating:5.0
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FastCAD-32 6.0351Demo
A full-function 32-bit CAD program with more than 30 entity types, extensive .
Categeries:Photo & Image>Image EditorsAdded date: Aug.17 Rating:5.0
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Easy Invoice - Free Download 6.00Shareware
Easy yet very advanced invoice. inventory, sales history, product photos, email
Categeries:Business>Business ManagementAdded date: Aug.17 Rating:5.0
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Planet Uranus 3D Screensaver 1.0Shareware
A great 3D model of a unique blue-green planet that is tilted 98 degrees!
Categeries:Desktop Utilities>3D ScreenSaversAdded date: Aug.17 Rating:5.0
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Learn Chinese Character 1.0Demo
English-Chinese double language Dictionary and Chinese characters writing demo.
Categeries:Home & Education>Language & TranslationAdded date: Aug.17 Rating:5.0
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RER Video Converter
A piece of extremely easy solution for video conversion between all formats.
Categeries:DVD & Video>Video ConvertersAdded date: Aug.17 Rating:5.0
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HTTP Sniffer and Analyzer 1.2Freeware
HTTP Sniffer and Analyzer
Categeries:Development>DatabasesAdded date: Aug.17 Rating:5.0
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Data Doctor Recovery - SIM Card
Mobile phone sim card data recovery software recover lost text messages contacts
Categeries:System Utilities>Data RecoveryAdded date: Aug.17 Rating:5.0
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JAdaptiveMenu 1.0.3Shareware
an intelligent and adaptive extension for JPopupMenu
Categeries:Development>Active XAdded date: Jan.31 Rating:5.0
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WTD Real Estate Agency 1.0.0Shareware
A must have organizer for real estate agents.
Categeries:Business>Database ManagementAdded date: Mar.05 Rating:5.0
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CS SDrv 1.0.2Shareware
SD slot power management for Palm-Powered devices
Categeries:Business>Business FinanceAdded date: May.13 Rating:5.0
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Autoclave 0.3Freeware
hard drive sterilization on a bootable floppy
Categeries:System Utilities>Disk ManagementAdded date: Sep.28 Rating:5.0
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Quit Keeper 1.08Freeware
It is a free quit meter that tracks various statistics as you quit smoking
Categeries:Home & Education>MathAdded date: Aug.17 Rating:5.0
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Su-Jok Open Point 2.0Shareware
Software for Su-Jok therapy (Korean variety of acupuncture)Software for therapy
Categeries:Home & Education>ScienceAdded date: Aug.17 Rating:5.0
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NASLite-2 2.10Commercial
NASLite-2 is a Network Attached Storage (NAS) Server Operating System
Categeries:Servers & Network>Other Network ToolsAdded date: Sep.10 Rating:5.0
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IP Monitor for Linux 0.04GPL
IP Monitor is designed to check your public IP for changes notify you
Categeries:Servers & Network>Network MonitoringAdded date: Nov.06 Rating:5.0
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Ladybug Motion 2D 1.01Freeware
Learn about position, velocity and acceleration vectors.
Categeries:Home & Education>ScienceAdded date: Dec.07 Rating:5.0
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VAIO Cozy Orange Wallpaper -Freeware
This beautiful wallpaper package is very simple and suitable for VAIO lovers.
Categeries:Desktop Utilities>WallpaperAdded date: Oct.11 Rating:5.0
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BardecodeFiler 1.5.11Shareware
It's an application that splits and renames TIF and PDF documents according.
Categeries:Business>Business ManagementAdded date: Oct.13 Rating:5.0
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Madrix 2.10Shareware
MADRIX - LED Lighting Control Solutions.
Categeries:System Utilities>Other System ToolsAdded date: Oct.14 Rating:5.0
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Multiple Slit Diffraction Model -Freeware
Fraunhofer diffraction through single or multiple slits.
Categeries:Photo & Image>CAD SoftwareAdded date: Feb.23 Rating:5.0
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iNote by Sarthak Ganguly -Freeware
A word processing application which looks like a Windows Se7en wordpad.
Categeries:Office Tools>Word ProcessingAdded date: Feb.28 Rating:5.0
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CheckPrixa XPS To PDF Converter 1.01Freeware
CheckPrixa XPS To PDF Converter batch converts XPS files into PDF documents.
Categeries:Office Tools>PDF ConvertersAdded date: Mar.02 Rating:5.0
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iToon 1.0.1Shareware
Apply cartoon effect like a GTA style to your photo automatically.
Categeries:Photo & Image>Image EditorsAdded date: Dec.26 Rating:5.0
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wTrans 1.0Freeware
Specify transparent settings for the Taskbar, Start Menu and the Context menu.
Categeries:Desktop Utilities>Desktop EnhancementAdded date: Sep.26 Rating:5.0
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PC Inventory Advisor 4.1.2586Freeware
Inventory PC network, track software and hardware parameters and build reports
Categeries:Servers & Network>Network MonitoringAdded date: Mar.30 Rating:5.0
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Elite Keylogger 5.0Shareware
Elite Keylogger 5: record all keystrokes, passwords & chats in a hidden mode
Categeries:Security>KeyloggerAdded date: Aug.17 Rating:5.0
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Elite Keylogger Pro 5.3Shareware
Elite Keylogger 5.3: record all keystrokes, passwords & chats in a hidden mo
Categeries:Security>KeyloggerAdded date: May.17 Rating:5.0
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KbdKaz 500 1.3Freeware
Operating system compatible keyboard layout for everyday use.
Categeries:System Utilities>Mouse & KeyboardAdded date: Mar.30 Rating:5.0
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Statmetrics 0.1 Update 11Freeware
Statmetrics provides an interactive environment for computational finance.
Categeries:Business>Business FinanceAdded date: Aug.03 Rating:5.0
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Flickr Wallpaper Downloader 1.0Freeware
Our reviewer(s) strongly recommend you this popular Flickr wallpaper downloader!
Categeries:Desktop Utilities>Wallpaper ToolsAdded date: Nov.12 Rating:5.0
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Ace Video Converter 3.4Freeware
Lets you convert between over a hundred video and audio format.
Categeries:DVD & Video>Video ConvertersAdded date: Aug.12 Rating:5.0
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DNA BASER - sequence assembling tool 2.7.8Shareware
Affordable alternative to the expensive software for DNA sequency assembly
Categeries:Home & Education>Language & TranslationAdded date: Aug.28 Rating:5.0
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BioniX Desktop Wallpaper Animator 1.0Freeware
Our reviewers strongly recommend you this popular bionix animated wallpaper!
Categeries:Desktop Utilities>Wallpaper ToolsAdded date: Nov.14 Rating:5.0
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BioSearch 1.7Freeware
Guide to Cosmetic or just BIO dictionary.
Categeries:Home & Education>Recipe SoftwareAdded date: Jan.09 Rating:5.0
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Painless Image Resizer
Painless Image Resizer is a free easy to use tool that can (batch) resize all.
Categeries:Photo & Image>Image EditorsAdded date: Jul.02 Rating:5.0
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Categorize This 1.0Freeware
This tool helps you to quickly sort your collection of pictures/images.
Categeries:Photo & Image>Other Image ToolsAdded date: Jul.02 Rating:5.0
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Fast chromatogram viewer Free chromatogram viewer (SCF, ABI, AB1, AB).
Categeries:Desktop Utilities>Wallpaper ToolsAdded date: Jan.12 Rating:5.0
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SpeedLord 3.5.0Freeware
SpeedLord is a free download accelerator that supports all the main p2p clients.
Categeries:Internet>P2P File SharingAdded date: Mar.03 Rating:5.0
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Houlo Video Downloader 3.32Shareware
Batch Video Downloading and Converting Made Easy.
Categeries:Internet>Download ManagersAdded date: Dec.23 Rating:5.0
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Free Movies Box 1.2.0Freeware
Free Movies Box is an app for watching full-length, uncut HD Hollywood movies.
Categeries:DVD & Video>Video PlayersAdded date: Dec.18 Rating:5.0
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Samy currency converter 1.01Freeware
Simple and nice currency converter
Categeries:Business>CalculatorsAdded date: May.04 Rating:5.0
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costomenu 1.0Shareware
Costomenu is a unique food & beverage cost and nutrition calculation software.
Categeries:Home & Education>Recipe SoftwareAdded date: Nov.25 Rating:5.0
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Samy Translator 1.0Freeware
Translate texts with this tool.
Categeries:Home & Education>Language & TranslationAdded date: May.10 Rating:5.0
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Has GPS 1.0Freeware
Our reviewers strongly recommend you Has GPS!
Categeries:Photo & Image>Other Image ToolsAdded date: Dec.03 Rating:5.0
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BioniX Wallpaper Changer 6.0Freeware
Make your Desktop look cool with this thousands of Cool wallpapers!
Categeries:Desktop Utilities>Wallpaper ToolsAdded date: Nov.01 Rating:5.0
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BS Parser
BS-Parser is a typical multifunctional, module, multi stream parser.
Categeries:Development>HTML EditorsAdded date: May.29 Rating:5.0
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BS Trace
With this system you can trace the route towards a particular IP-address or URL
Categeries:Servers & Network>IP ToolsAdded date: May.29 Rating:5.0
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Revealer Keylogger Free 2.09Freeware
Invisible and free keylogger for Windows 8, 7, Vista or XP.
Categeries:Security>KeyloggerAdded date: Jan.09 Rating:5.0
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One million clicks 1.3.1Freeware This Program will generate fake traffic on a web site.
Categeries:Development>Website PromotionAdded date: Feb.22 Rating:5.0
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Kate's Video Toolkit
All-in-one video/audio toolkit solution. Convert,Cut,Join,Mix and Apply effects
Categeries:DVD & Video>Video ConvertersAdded date: Sep.26 Rating:5.0
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PeaZip 5.3.0Freeware
Free ZIP files utility, open 7Z ACE ISO TAR RAR ZIP ZIPX archives (150+ formats)
Categeries:System Utilities>File CompressionAdded date: Oct.22 Rating:5.0
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BS Ping
System for addresses check (host name or IP-address).
Categeries:Servers & Network>IP ToolsAdded date: May.29 Rating:5.0
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inLight Radio
An easy to use free radio player for streaming music from the internet.
Categeries:Internet>Internet RadioAdded date: Jan.10 Rating:5.0
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SWF Player 4.0.0Freeware
TerSoft Flash Player 3 - Popular russian program for viewing SWF & FLV files
Categeries:DVD & Video>Flash ToolsAdded date: Apr.15 Rating:5.0
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Ron's Editor - Ultimate CSV Editor 2012.11.29.2151Shareware
The best CSV File Editor to edit, clean, convert data in no time.
Categeries:Office Tools>Other Office ToolsAdded date: Nov.29 Rating:5.0
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Special Text Replace 1.0Freeware
Our reviewers strongly recommend you Special Text Replace!
Categeries:Office Tools>Text EditorsAdded date: Dec.06 Rating:5.0
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Webcam Video Capture 7.0Shareware
Make people witness what you want to convey through an audio-visual medium.
Categeries:Social & Communication>Webcam ToolsAdded date: Feb.20 Rating:5.0
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Xiaoerge Horoscope 6.0Freeware
Check out your astrological sign perdition and Numerology compatibility.
Categeries:Home & Education>AstrologyAdded date: May.03 Rating:5.0
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XetoWare Password Generator 2011Freeware
Generates Simple and Complex Passwords At Lightning Fast Speeds!
Categeries:Security>Password ManagersAdded date: Jun.07 Rating:5.0
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SWiJ SideWinder 2.4.1Shareware
Launch 15,000 Applications and Websites Faster than ever with a Single Click.
Categeries:Desktop Utilities>Desktop EnhancementAdded date: Jan.29 Rating:5.0
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Lookeen 2010 Professional
Lookeen is an add-in extension for Microsoft Outlook.
Categeries:Social & Communication>Outlook ToolsAdded date: Feb.04 Rating:5.0
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Power Email Address Extractor
Extracts all email addresses (and/or links) from the specified file.
Categeries:Social & Communication>Other E-Mail ToolsAdded date: Aug.12 Rating:5.0
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GetSystemInfo 1.4Freeware
Give you useful information about your system
Categeries:System Utilities>Other System ToolsAdded date: Oct.20 Rating:5.0
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Application as Service 4.0.160Shareware
Run program as service on your Windows PC with Application as Service utility
Categeries:System Utilities>Other System ToolsAdded date: Aug.17 Rating:5.0
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Clipboard Helper 3.0Freeware
It saves in a single file all text fragments that you copy to clipboard.
Categeries:System Utilities>Other System ToolsAdded date: Aug.17 Rating:5.0
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WinMend System Doctor 1.6.3Shareware
Protect your system from the threats of spyware, adware, Trojans and viruses.
Categeries:System Utilities>Optimize UtilitiesAdded date: May.24 Rating:5.0
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KooLoader 3.9.0Freeware
KooLoader is a secure download manager for increased download speeds.
Categeries:Internet>Download ManagersAdded date: Mar.23 Rating:5.0
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EMS Bulk Email Sender
Launch your email marketing in minutes: create, send emails and analyze report.
Categeries:Social & Communication>Other E-Mail ToolsAdded date: Mar.22 Rating:5.0
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Fireplace Screensaver 1.2Freeware
Fireplace Screensaver is a completely Free animated screensaver of a fireplace.
Categeries:Desktop Utilities>ScreensaversAdded date: Oct.31 Rating:5.0
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TubeTunes 1.4Shareware
Download Web videos to your Desktop / iPod / iPad / iPhone.
Categeries:DVD & Video>iPhone AppsAdded date: Jan.31 Rating:5.0
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MP3 Torpedo 7.2.0Freeware
Mp3Torpedo is a fork of the very popular LimeWire Gnutella client.
Categeries:Internet>P2P File SharingAdded date: Aug.17 Rating:5.0
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Eltima Serial Port Monitor 5.0Shareware
Monitor RS232/422/485 COM ports in your network.
Categeries:Development>DebuggingAdded date: Aug.17 Rating:5.0
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eMule Ultra Accelerator 4.3.0Freeware
eMule Ultra Accelerator is a reliable download accelerator.
Categeries:Internet>P2P File SharingAdded date: Apr.02 Rating:5.0
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Rest Break 2.2Freeware
This free program reminds you to take regular computer rest breaks.
Categeries:Desktop Utilities>ClockAdded date: Jan.19 Rating:5.0
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ShareGhost 3.4.0Freeware
ShareGhost is a p2p client designed for fast, multiple and reliable downloads.
Categeries:Internet>P2P File SharingAdded date: Oct.19 Rating:5.0
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Connectivity Fixer 1.1Freeware
Fix your IP and Winsock related Internet connection errors!
Categeries:Servers & Network>Other Network ToolsAdded date: Aug.31 Rating:5.0
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Matrix Screensaver 1.1Freeware
Matrix Screensaver is a Free animated screensaver from the movie The Matrix
Categeries:Desktop Utilities>ScreensaversAdded date: Nov.04 Rating:5.0
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ThreeDify Excel Grapher 3.3.0Shareware
Creating 3D X-Y-Z scatter graphs in Microsoft Excel with a few mouse clicks!
Categeries:Office Tools>SpreadsheetsAdded date: Jan.11 Rating:5.0
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Blade API Monitor
A developer tool that can trace/log API and ActiveX interface with parameters.
Categeries:Development>DebuggingAdded date: Oct.23 Rating:5.0
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Bartender Express 3.0.1Shareware
Bartender Express, the most comprehensive desktop bartending software available.
Categeries:Home & Education>Recipe SoftwareAdded date: Aug.08 Rating:5.0
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Speedtest4free 1.0Freeware
Measure your Internet connection speed and ping with Speedtest4free!
Categeries:Servers & Network>Network MonitoringAdded date: May.25 Rating:5.0
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Polkast for iPhone
instantly access 100% of your files, videos, photos and music from your iPhone.
Categeries:Internet>iPhone AppsAdded date: Oct.26 Rating:5.0
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BitTally 1.4.180Shareware
Network traffic monitor with DPI technology for office, school, library, home.
Categeries:Servers & Network>Network MonitoringAdded date: Jun.08 Rating:5.0
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WinMX Music 5.3.0Freeware
WinMX Music is a wide-ranging p2p tool for any type of file downloads.
Categeries:Internet>P2P File SharingAdded date: Aug.17 Rating:5.0
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DupeRAZOR Duplicate Files Removal Kit 3.3.1Shareware
DupeRAZOR finds and removes duplicate files from your system.
Categeries:System Utilities>File SearchAdded date: Aug.18 Rating:5.0
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WinMend Registry Cleaner 1.6.3Shareware
A powerful and secure registry cleaning and optimization application.
Categeries:System Utilities>Registry ToolsAdded date: May.24 Rating:5.0
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WinMend Data Recovery
WinMend Data Recovery is a Windows-based data recovery software.
Categeries:System Utilities>Data RecoveryAdded date: May.21 Rating:5.0
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Kat MP3 Recorder 5.6.0Freeware
KatMP3Recorder is a complex, versatile, direct real time sound recorder.
Categeries:MP3 & Audio>Audio RecordersAdded date: Nov.04 Rating:5.0
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PokIt 0.6.0Freeware
PokIt is a FREE One Click screen, file, video, sound capture broadcasting utilit
Categeries:Photo & Image>Screen CaptureAdded date: Mar.24 Rating:5.0
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VIP Video Converter
VIP Video Converter is a reliable, user friendly and affordable video converter.
Categeries:DVD & Video>Video ConvertersAdded date: May.08 Rating:5.0
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Indeep File List Maker 1.2Freeware
List all your files from the selected folder or drive.
Categeries:System Utilities>File ManagementAdded date: Nov.05 Rating:5.0
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BlazeVideo iPad Video Converter
A powerful and easiest-to-use video, music and photo converter for Apple iPad
Categeries:DVD & Video>Mobile Video ConvertersAdded date: Sep.13 Rating:5.0
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LimeShare Pro 2.8.0Freeware
LimeShare Pro is a free p2p file sharing app based on popular client Limewire.
Categeries:Internet>P2P File SharingAdded date: Apr.12 Rating:5.0
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Apex Image to PDF Converter
A PDF Converter tool that is designed to batch convert image files into PDF.
Categeries:Photo & Image>Image ConvertersAdded date: Apr.26 Rating:5.0
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Quantum 2.6.0Freeware
Quantum is a p2p client built to satisfy your exigent file sharing needs.
Categeries:Internet>P2P File SharingAdded date: Aug.20 Rating:5.0
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