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Tune your piano yourself to a professional standard
Tune your piano yourself

- to a professional standard
- at an offordable price

Go and download the trial

- Easy to learn, anyone can do it
- Stunning results
- Watch the video tutorial

An overview of this Piano Tuner's features
• Suitable for pianos and grand pianos of all brands and sizes.
• Realize a professional tuning easy and quick, exactly tailored for your particular piano.
• Calculates the most optimal stretch. Every string gets the optimal pitch.
• Save the calculated stretch so it does not need to be calculated again the next time.
• Very easy to use. No knowledge of the complicated piano tuning theory necessary.
• It is not needed to check intervals and to hear and count beats.
• Fast reaction of the needle to be able to tune to the right pitch easily.
• Automatic detection of the struck string prevents tuning the wrong string.
• Not only the tone is detected, but also its octave.
• The needle keeps tracking the tone, also if it moves into another tone.
• Take new strings up to the necessary tension, safe and quick.
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