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Keep your data safe with powerful encryption software like CyberSafe.
Keep your data safe with powerful encryption software like CyberSafe. CyberSafe enables file and folder encryption and signing, the possibility to properly hide files and folders, secure backup encryption, Skype chat encryption and more.

CyberSafe is a complete data encryption software, providing everything that you need to protect your data effectively, reliably and without a lot of hassle.

File/Folders Encryption & Signing.
All possible techniques and algorithms: OpenPGP, MS CSP, Crypto-Pro (certified GOST), AES, 3DES, RSA, GOST, BlowFish. S/MIME, Public Key Infrastructure (recipient based) encryption, digital signatures, encrypted zip.

Hiding files and folders.
New concept: no stupid folders like “My hidden files”, “My protected folder”. Hidden files are always encrypted. Not visible in safe mode, over network, with remote desktop tools, when placing HD on different PC. Even if located (no hidden technique gives 100% assurance) the objects could not be obtained and even listed as files by any means because of strong encryption.

Hiding CS itself.
Nobody can even establish that you carry out any encryption or hiding activity on your pc. The CS itself is hidden from registry, process, file system, control panel. There methods of securing CS even more with file blocking, PFX – master key protection, PIN codes and other.

Amazon S3 browser and encryption.
Superb Amazon S3 total secure backup, fully automated with scheduling and task making. The files on amazon are launched just from the remote server as they were on your PC, after the work is done the files are saved encrypted and placed on Amazon S3 back. It’s fully transparent. With access rights functions admins can easily manage corporate workspace – 99,99999% data loss assured and 100% secure encrypted.

Certificate management.
CS can function as a Certificate Authority. Creating, Importing, Exporting, Editing of PKCS#7certificates, RSA, OpenPGP, GOST 34.10-2001 keys.

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