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Yahoo! Messenger

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Yahoo! Messenger - Chat with friends for free and enjoy video calls, PC calls.

License: FreewarePublisher: Yahoo! Inc.

OS: Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2000, 98, Me, NT

Update: 2012-06-06 00:35:39Latest Version:

Yahoo Messenger 9.0 –One Click between Friends and Family

Yahoo Messenger is a freeware from Yahoo. I personally think yahoo messenger is an extremely useful and great tool to connect with my family and friends. It allowed me to get back in touch with all of my friends that use yahoo mail. It is a great way for me to keep in touch with everyone I know and also to meet new people using its chat feature that offers a variety of customized rooms.

Feature’s that Stand Out

Eye Catching Login Interface
Yahoo messenger has a very simple and easy to use login interface and it automatically configured itself to my current internet settings. I loved the glass touch that has been newly introduced. It also gave me an option to remember my id and password on this computer so that I wouldn’t have to re-enter them every time when I wanted to use it, but it should be used on personal computer only and not on a cyber cafe PC.

User Friendly Navigation Interface
The navigation interface is very convenient and friendly. It let me categorize my contacts into various groups like friends and family etc. It also had an option where I could set my status and visibility as per my mood and situation. There were some predefined status messages but I liked the feature where I could set my own personal message too. There is also a button which allows me to add contacts with a single click.

There is also a one click search box which allows me to use yahoo search engine with a single click on the messenger itself and thus removes the hassle of opening a new page to use the search feature.

Plug-ins for Pleasure or Business
There is also a plug-in feature that allowed me to customize what I wanted to view (For Example Yahoo Weather! And Yahoo Finance!). I could also add plug-ins depending on my choice and needs. I could easily search stock quotes with a single click using Yahoo Finance plug-in.

Chat & make friend anytime
I loved the wide variety of rooms that yahoo chat offers. There are many rooms to choose from and to suit every mood and every age group. I liked the regional chat room as it offered me a chance to meet new people from my own region and a variety of other people from different parts of the country and from other countries.

Chat privately whenever you want

I found the feature where we could choose an option whether we want to send an IM (Instant Message) or Call or SMS a friend very conveniently. I could directly call my friend’s computer when he was online and chat with unbelievable voice clarity and free from disturbance, that too for free. I also had the option to send him a message on his mobile free of cost.     

Another useful feature was that I could send him a message even when he was not online and he would get them when he next came online. I could also send him files and photos by simply dragging the file onto the chat dialog box or clicking on the File-Clip Button.

There is also an IMVironment feature which allows me to choose from a huge collection of themes to make my chatting background more interesting and funny. There is also a huge collection of emoticons and audible messages to choose from to help make the conversation more exciting and fun loving.

Chat with mouth and eyes
I loved this new feature where I could send a voice message for my friend if he was offline and he could hear it when he would come online the next time. I could also chat with my friend while he was watching me through my webcam with a single click on the webcam option.

There is also a feature where I could import music from my computer to set my ringtone for an incoming call.

Call anytime from here to there
I liked a new feature that yahoo has introduced where we can buy credit to make calls to phones from our computers. I can now make calls to mobile or landline phones from my computer at a much reduced cost. I could also make international calls at a much reduced call rate with the same voice clarity.

Final Words

I really liked the versatile and visually enhanced feel of the new version of Yahoo Messenger and would recommend everyone to use it and enjoy what it has to offer. It offers a full set of features to suit every user.

Author: Manoj Goel Review on: Yahoo! Messenger

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