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WinZip: the #1 Zip utility for file compression, protection, sharing & backu

License: SharewarePublisher: WinZip

OS: Windows 8, 7, Vista, 2003, XP

Update: 2014-04-18 02:46:31Latest Version: 18.0.11023.0

WinZip 12 – Easy Yet Powerful Compression App

WinZip reached its 12th version, and since 1990, developers have been impressing a lot of enhancements in several fields, all this efforts make of WinZip one of the most popular and powerful compressor utilities of the market. WinZip offers a simple and easy but not less professional or powerful way to manipulate our compressed files. Today I'm going to share with you its main features.

Basically, WinZip works with .ZIP format files, however in its latest versions it is able to handle BZ2 and RAR files, and also adding support for 7Z, CAB, Z, GZ, TAR, UUE, XXE, BinHex, Mime, and disk images like ISO and IMG. WinZip enables us to create even smaller compressed files due to its new compression methods which were recently incorporated. This technically advanced procedures are based on LZMA, PPMd, bzip2 and WAVPACK compression methods, but do not worry, we do not really need to understand each of them as WinZip will use the right one when we select “Best” in the compression options.

Not Just File Compression
Not only WinZip offers one of the best compression rates but also protects our confidential data files with AES encryption which is certified by FIPS-197 (AES stands for  Advanced Encryption Standard, which is accepted by the U.S. Government's National Institute of Standards). So, when we combine this kind of protection with a password, we achieve a high level of protection for our personal files which cannot be found in Windows or in other file compression programs.

Imagery And Photography
WinZip 12 is intended to also fulfill the needs of amateur photographers, and now it offers a much easier compression, sharing and handling for our digital photos. It is able to transfer, manage, share and backup digital photos in an easier and smarter way than ever.
Our hard drives or removable media will be capable of storing many more photos thanks to the innovative JPEG compression WinZip brings. Just forget about quality loss, image resizing or the integrity, now we can compress JPEG files in a 20-25% without suffering of any of them.

Once our photos and images are compressed in a Zip file, thumbnail images are available to explore, delete and rename them in an easy and quick way. By means of the “New Folder” tool, we can even organize our photos in folders inside the Zip file just by dragging and dropping. WinZip can even rotate our photos automatically. Thanks to its integrated image viewer, we can view pictures in their full size , rotate, change their size or remove without having to extract the whole Zip package.

Sharing Our Photos & Files
Sharing is one of the most common task we perform regarding our images. Zip files allow us to pack our photos and other files before sending them. Zip files are one of the easiest ways to share by attaching them to an email. Images can be resized for their faster sharing without changing the original ones. When it comes to large Zip files, WinZip 12 can help us to divide them into smaller files to reduce e-mail inconveniences. Specially when the mail server limits the size of attachments or when we want to share our files via P2P. Once received or downloaded the Zip file, can be put together quickly and safely.

Winzip also offers shell integration thus putting its functions just a click away, all we have to do is select a file, folder or directory, right-click on it and voilà! WinZip's most important functions are right there, no complicated procedures, no inconveniences, couldn't ask for more!

Final Words
All this features make of WinZip a really valuable program, most of its amazing features are available in the free version and the additional ones included in the Pro version are really worth every penny. I think that the developing team made and continue making the best of their efforts.

Are you a user of WinZip? a fan? Tell us and other readers your opinion in the comments section below.

Author: Lucas Artigas Review on: WinZip 12.0 Build 8252

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