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Windows Live Messenger

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License: FreewarePublisher: Microsoft Corporation

OS: Windows 7, Vista, XP

Update: 2013-05-15 22:37:32Latest Version: 2012 16.4.3508

Windows Live Messenger 2009 - Novelties and Permanencies

Windows Live Messenger (formerly known as MSN Messenger, colloquially MSN) is one of the most popular free IM clients, and since July 22, 1999 when it was first released it's been going through severe improvements year after year, and version after version. However, this is the first time Windows Live Messenger brings a really interesting set of novelties starting with the year as a version number, but changes and novelties go far beyond nomenclature issues. Not only there are external and aesthetic enhancements but also in terms of features, possibilities and functionality.

This brand new Live Messenger 2009 was launched by Microsoft not alone but as a part of the general renovation of Live applications. Unlike older version 8 which went through so many phases in several attempts to clean its appearance: minimalist, modern, lite, and not only did never get to fit but also presented many incongruities, in my opinion, the novelties brought by version 2009 are various and make of it a much more solid IM client. Today we are going to go through them in this article, which is the result of having personally tested this version on Windows 7.

Note: In order to be able to download and install Windows Live Messenger 2009 it is mandatory to download Windows Live Installer. This free bundle also brings all programs inside the Windows Live products, they are Windows Mail, Photo Gallery, Toolbar, Writer, Family Safety, Silverlight and Movie maker (beta), but if you don’t want to install all or some of them, just uncheck them and make sure that only Messenger and those you want are checked. If there is an old version of Windows Live Messenger installed on your PC, you will find that Messenger will be at the bottom section and says “This program will be updated”.

First Impressions
At first look we can notice its renewed sign-in interface, consistent with the look of Windows 7, it integrates itself very appropriately in the Aero environment.

Once I signed-in, various things called my attention immediately from top to bottom in the contact list: on the right upper corner there is a mouse-over with a brush that goes uncovered and  invites you to change the scene. Clicking there takes you to the Scene window which is like a theme selector with background pictures and colours from where to choose the one fits best your likes for the appearance of the main window.

The second thing to be noticed is the Favorites group on top of the contact list, there you can drag your favourite contacts or add them from your contact list by means of the link in the blue legend which opens a window where you can choose the contacts you want to add to this section,

And finally at the bottom of the contact list we find “What's new” a new feature that will keep you updated with your contacts information such as their Display Picture or Personal Status Message all this will go on even when you were offline.

Be Yourself!
Now you can really show others how you are and how you feel in your display pictures, Live Messenger 2009 allows you to use pictures or short videos of yourself which have the ability to change according to your mood.

Additionally you will find that there are many animated display pictures and the possibility to access some sites where to find a lot of extra images to enrich your display items.

Another very helpful feature is that now you can drag pictures right to the chat session window in order to show them to your friends as you chat and they can (if allowed by you) save them into their computers. You can also send the content of your clipboard directly by copy/paste into the chat dialog box from an image editor like Irfanview or similar.

As always you can share activities like games but now you can also share Messenger TV, Photo sharing, Mimic and much more.

In Conclusion
Well, these seem to be the most important novelties in Windows Live Messenger 2009. You know, there are for sure a bunch of features to be discovered. I’ve been chatting with friends and relatives and it looks incredible. So in my opinion it is highly advisable to make an update to Messenger 2009, satisfaction guaranteed!!

Author: Lucas Artigas Review on: Windows Live Messenger 2009 Build 14.0.8064

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