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uTorrent is a powerful and efficient BitTorrent client for Windows.

License: FreewarePublisher: uTorrent

OS: Windows 7, Vista, XP

Update: 2014-03-31 03:27:15Latest Version: 3.4.1 Beta 30746

uTorrent – A Face of BitTorrent

Millions of internet users visit to internet just for finding the free stuff. I am also one of them who regularly visit to internet for free stuff like: songs, videos, softwares, books etc. I had tried lots of free stuff sources but did not find any one stop solution, but later I come to know about Peer-to-Peer files sharing networks/protocols. These are great source for sharing and downloading free stuff of all types. A well known protocol BitTorrent is one of them. It is very popular just because of its high speed and large user’s database. And due to large users database there is lots of free stuff. BitTorrent protocol is used by many torrent clients. Among them the most popular is uTorrent. uTorrent is actually a client of BitTorrent protocol. I am using this client to download files from BitTorrent. Let me explain why I am using this client.

An Easy Power
uTorrent is providing powerful features on its easy to use interface. It is so much easy that any novice user can also expertise it in just few minutes. It gives me two options to add torrents to download various types of files. The very first option is add torrent from a torrent file. By using this feature I can download various media or document files from various torrent sources which provide option to download files from torrent files, so just by selecting my torrent files by this feature I can start download any time. Even I can add multiple torrent files to download multiple files at a time.

Speed without limits
Most P2P files sharing networks or protocols are failed due to their slow speed, but the speed of BitTorrent protocol is very good. And uTorrent again give it a boost by its support for multiple peers and seeds. Yes, it does not download files from only one source. It continuously searches the network for downloading the files from more then one seeds or peers. Due to this feature I can download files very quickly and save my precious time.

It is possible to know the total download size of the files with uTorrent before actually downloading them. This feature helps me a lot in deciding whether I should download the file or not. Other then the download size I can also check the total number of seeds and peers available to download a particular file. It also helps me in deciding the estimate time taken by the file to download. From the General tab I can also find some other basic information about the particular file.

On the trackers tab I found a more customizable way. It gives some power in my hand to add my own new trackers manually. By adding new trackers I can boost the speed of listed downloads.

Under Peers tab I can find the list of all available peers for individual files. Here I can also add my own peers.

The real – time status of downloads
The speed tab is able to display me the real time and graphical status of downloads separately. It gives me a graphical status window to show me the progress of the files.

Feed your brain with RSS Feeds

The RSS feed option of uTorrent is very unique. It can help me to download the RSS feeds automatically. It can also download the items published in the feed.

Configure it with a click
The easy way to smoothly configure my torrent client is to use the speed guide. This feature helped my to quickly configure my torrent client as par my internet connection speed. I just need to select the connection speed and the port number and that’s it.

All basic and advanced controls are available in Preferences. From there it is very easy for me to customize my torrent client at one place.

Finally I can say only one thing about uTorrent client that it has more then enough features in a less then enough size.


Author: Manoj Goel Review on: uTorrent 1.9 Build15380 Alpha

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