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TuneUp Utilities 2009

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TuneUp Utilities 2009 provides comprehensive, simple and fast PC-Optimization.

License: SharewarePublisher: TuneUp Corporation

OS: Windows Vista, XP

Update: 2011-09-04 20:32:19Latest Version: 8.0.3300.1

Smooth and Clean System Performance with TuneUp Utilities 2009

Whoever bought a brand new PC or laptop loved the way it run during the initial times, nevertheless, as months went by, you unavoidably saw that speed and overall performance tended to fall. Moreover, you would have frequently noticed the occurrence of crashes, freezings, blue screens, slow boot up speed, and many other kind of malfunctions which are clear signals of a decreasing overall system efficiency.

One of the causes is found in Windows Registry size growth, mainly due to a huge accumulation of redundant items (thanks to the process of installing and uninstalling programs). This slow but relentless process of Registry degradation has, in the long term, a severe impact over the performance even reaching the point of system instability and the ensuing hung-ups. This particular situation is very often ignored, and in a desperate attempt for regaining original PC performance most users resort to formating their HDDs and re-install the OS which is a real time-waster.

I do not really mean to freak you out, but this is just the tip of the iceberg in gradual system deterioration.

So, in an attempt to shed some light over such a tangled matter, today I'm going to introduce a piece of software which is capable of solving this kind of issues and really much more.

Windows Optimization Leader over a Decade
TuneUp Utilities 2009 takes your PC performance to its best and beyond. Its smart features, intuitive desktop interface, and so many options for performance and speed improvement, make of this utilities suite the best system optimizer released by TuneUp developing team and one of the market's leading product. Of course, it did not happen just by chance, it is the result of over 12 years of development efforts.

First Days Performance Is Back!!
And all of us also want it to stay... You know, solving some problems may seem to be quite an advance but it is never enough, sooner or later they tend to reappear, so, what it really makes the difference is prevention. Thus, our first point in this article is a particular feature called 1-Click Maintenance.

With this handy application to make a complete Windows system optimization is easier, faster, and absolutely more comprehensive. It performs the most important maintenance tasks with just a single mouse click, it includes Windows registry fix, temporary files and folders removal, system performance improvement by its Integrated Disk Defragmenter and removes incorrect and unused shortcuts with its Integrated Shortcut Cleaner. What is more important, you can schedule 1-Click Maintenance to be run automatically. You see, it is a real all-in-one automatic System Optimizer.

Deeper System Maintenance & Optimization
Of course, TuneUp Utilities 2009 features do not end in 1-Click Maintenance, there is a lot more to see and do.

The most interesting novelty about 2009 version is that it possesses the capability to analyze usage patterns, software and hardware in such a way that it enables you to reach your PC's maximum optimization possibilities.

You will find that the user interface not only is totally renewed in terms of design but also brings quick access to all the features and procedures. The Start page which is the first thing showed when you start the suite, and after a short computer status check, it gives us three options: Maintenance, Speed and Health. Clicking on each of them takes us to the specific areas where you can set maintenance tasks, speed-up your system through smart recommendations, and fix security problems of your PC respectively. Straight-forward and easy, couldn't ask for more!

The rest of the features are arranged under six categories:

  • Increase performance: Here you can fix problems concerning the way your PC runs, its tools are Drive Defrag which can also be scheduled, Registry Defrag for deep Registry optimization, Speed optimizer and the StartUp Manager which is very useful when it comes to boot-up time speed-up.

  • Free up disk space: Clean your PC from unwanted files, backups, Windows functions. You can also explore your disks and see how much space your files occupy.
  • Clean up Windows: here is where 1-Click Maintenance can be found, additionally you can clean your Registry with Registry Cleaner, remove unused shortcuts with Shortcut Cleaner, and safely uninstall programs with Uninstall Manager.

  • Solve problems: This is where three handy tools can be found, Disk Doctor, which very useful to check the file system health and prevent data loss, Repair Wizard, helps us to repair computer and display troubles, and last but not least, Undelete, which is extremely helpful when you need to recover files that were erased by accident.
  • Customize windows: First we have Styler which is able to replace icons so you can apply different images to standard icons, customizes your windows to your heart content by adjusting the look and feel, and changing the boot screen and the user logon. Secondly, System Control which basically allows us to make several system adjustments like OS and application settings, display, Start Menu, Taskbar and network settings, but as this is a really comprehensive tool, it can be very useful for users who like to have Windows tweaked to the limit as there is a lot of parameters to change under 5 groups with a total of 19 categories, the most important and useful are: Animations and effects, Start Menu, Network, Memory and Cache and Security.

  • Additional tools: Clicking on this category icon leads us to the rest of applications, they are: Process manager, this tool is very similar to Windows Task Manager but with the difference that it is much more concise and precise you can see not only a list of running processes but also all the files that are open, Registry Editor a simple a useful editor fro searching and editing, Shredder, to definitely erase files, folder and the content of the Recycle Bin and finally System Information which displays the configuration of your software and hardware and also displays performance information.

Details Always Make The Difference
A little detail which really called my attention is that when you place the mouse pointer on a tool it shows a mouse-over preview with a brief description of the tool's functionality, I know that it may sound somewhat naïve but it shows the level of improvements made to this program and how it is really user-friendly.ormation.

Final Words
I think that TuneUp Utilities 2009 needs no further explanation, I only have to say that I was positively shocked by its novelties and improvements. In my humble opinion it is really worth every penny if you want to buy it. As always, you can download TuneUp 2009 30-day Trial for free, and tell us what you think about it.

Author: Lucas Artigas Review on: TuneUp Utilities 2009 8.0.2000

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