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Spyware Doctor

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Advanced spyware removal tool that detects and cleans thousands of threats

License: SharewarePublisher: PC Tools

OS: Windows 7, Vista, XP

Update: 2012-08-28 02:35:14Latest Version:

PC Tools Spyware Doctor – Solid Spyware Detection & Cleaning

Nowadays, the spread of spyware and similar security threats represent a serious problem for millions of users around the world, we are prone to suffer the loss of confidential information and files on our computers in case of being affected for one of these evil pieces of malware.

In previous articles, we have reviewed a number of applications that will help us to prevent infections by malware and other security problems, both free and paid. And to be precise, PC Tools Spyware Doctor  belongs to the second type, as its name suggests, we are facing a tool that helps us to combat spyware. Despite being a commercial software (there are many free alternatives to combat malicious software), PC Tools Spyware Doctor, won fame, fans and a lot of awards thanks to its efficiency in detecting security risks and performing a secure disposal of found malicious code that causes those risks. In this article I'm going to share with you its main features and functions.

Real Time Protection
This product offers a new and smart automatic protection which is executed in real time -in a similar way to some anti-virus apps- called IntelliGuard and it is characterized by its low resources consumption, thus, allowing a smooth operating system performance. In fact this kind of silent protection goes unnoticed and summing all related processes it uses as little as 33MB. As you will see in the next screenshot, IntelliGuard monitors several aspects: programs behavior: in search of malware through their activities, browser protection: to avoid malicious changes to be made, malicious cookies: detection and elimination, e-mail: scan and clean including most popular e-mail clients, files monitoring: to avoid the execution of malicious apps among others, immunizer: blocks ActiveX threats, network protection: against hijacking, hidden malicious processes detection, malicious web-sites blocking  and finally, startup protection: to stop malware from starting with Windows, all of them can be configured in some way and individually enabled/disabled.

Spyware Doctor has a really advanced update system that continually improves its capabilities in the daily battle against spyware. As spyware becomes more and more sophisticated to avoid detection, this program applies state-of-the-art technology to be always one step ahead. It includes automatic updates for the application's kernel and database updates, thus ensuring the best protection available.  

In addition, PC Tools Spyware Doctor comes with a scanning utility mode called Intelli-Scan which enables us to analyze our PCs and find if we are infected with spyware or not. This solid tool will generate a list of them and will also eliminate their tracks and protect our PCs against future attacks. The analysis of the system ranges from hard drives to active processes and system logs. You can also select Full scan or Custom scan if you want to select what areas to scan.

Scanning results are showed in a clear way, as you can see in the next screen capture.

Final Words
To sum up, I may say that thanks to PC Tools Spyware Doctor we can realize that there are many more viruses than we thought of parasitizing our PCs, besides it is well designed and comes with a comprehensive set of tools to fight against many types of viruses and malicious processes, this program is a good option to keep our computer clean and I think it's worth every penny. On the other hand, the only detail that I didn't like about this program is that its trial version only detects threats, so, I wonder how can anyone try a software if one of its main features (cleaning spyware in this case) is not available at all.

Have you got PC Tools Spyware Doctor running in your PC? We would like to hear about it! Please leave a comment with your experience below.


Author: Lucas Artigas Review on: Spyware Doctor

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