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Spyware Doctor

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Advanced spyware removal tool that detects and cleans thousands of threats

License: SharewarePublisher: PC Tools

OS: Windows 7, Vista, XP

Update: 2012-08-28 02:35:14Latest Version:

Change Logs

Spyware Doctor
  • A new OnGuard real-time protection tool, IM Guard, protects users of Instant Messaging applications such as MSN Messenger from access to any potentially malicious URLs received. Such URLs can lead to phishing sites or sites which attempt to exploit your web browser.
  • Some recent malware infections are installed as drivers which protect themselves from removal and along with other installed drivers, are protected from deletion by the operating system. However, Spyware Doctor has the capability of removing these malicious driver threats. Spyware Doctor is also capable of removing threats that attempt to shut down the Spyware Doctor application itself.
  • The Ignore List is used to prevent Spyware Doctor from detecting specific items that you wish to keep. However, some recent threats have been found to add themselves to the Ignore List in an attempt to compromise Spyware Doctor's detection capabilities. Therefore, the security of the Ignore List has been enhanced and integrity checks implemented to prevent such threats from attempting to compromise Spyware Doctor's effectiveness.
  • Spyware Doctor includes significant enhancements to its scanning tools. The Disk Scanner tool has the ability to detect and remove threats that attempt to avoid detection by using alternative character formatting. The Browser Activity Scanner is now also able to detect potentially malicious cookies stored by Mozilla Firefox web browser.
  • Spyware Doctor provides the option of creating a Windows System Restore point prior to threat removal. This works as a supplementary feature to Spyware Doctor's own Quarantine and Restore features.

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