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Spy Sweeper

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Spy Sweeper removes and blocks all types of spyware, including rootkit spies

License: SharewarePublisher: Webroot Software, Inc.

OS: Windows Vista, 2003, XP, 2000

Update: 2012-04-24 22:05:46Latest Version:

Webroot Spy Sweeper: Sure Protection From Online Threats

The Webroot Spy Sweeper is one of the best antivirus software that provides complete protection to my computer. The privacy and security of my system is often affected by intrusion from online programs and cookies. I started using Webroot Spy Sweeper when I was actually mad with the spywares and adwares affecting my computer. These potentially unwanted programs steal a major part of my precious time. It also sometimes crashes my system. But Webroot Spy Sweeper provides complete security to my computer from online threats.

Features that are impressing me
The features of Webroot Spy Sweeper are arranged trivially in a small window so that I can access them easily. These facilities are sufficient enough to protect my PC from potential threats. I use the sweep operation regularly to search for potential threats in my PC. This scanning operation go through all the files in my computer and report threats. I can easily remove the threats using the quarantine operation. The shield gives me additional protection from future intrusions. This shielding function monitors my computer continuously like a watch dog and informs me about all potential threats. This is very helpful for me while using the internet.

Webroot Spy Sweeper provides backup protection of my important data files. The malicious software is sometimes very harmful. They even damaged my hard disk once. And I lost a lot of personal data. The backup facility in Webroot Spy Sweeper keeps my data vulnerable to system failures. A copy of my important data file is uploaded automatically and stored in the online data center. And I can sleep peacefully without worrying about system failures, theft or fire.

Sweeping the system clean
The first thing that I do regularly without mistake every week is the sweep operation. This operation scans my system completely to detect all harmful programs affecting my system. Even if takes certain amount of time to complete the operation, it really worth. I just sweep the system when I have nothing to do. I just click the Sweep button and go. Webroot Spy Sweeper automatically scan my system and detects potential threats. I can stop, pause and restart the operation whenever I want.

Webroot Spy Sweeper simply inspect the memory, registry and cookies in my system. After scanning all potential threats will be listed.

I can then click the “Continue” button to rectify the problems. The potential threats to the system can be removed using the Quarantine operation. The problem creating files can be permanently removed to the quarantine vault.

I can also view the details of the sweep from this window. A summary of the operations is provided after the sweep. The information regarding the type of sweep, items inspected, detected items and time taken are useful in the future.

Shielding the System
Webroot Spy Sweeper gives additional protection to my system using shielding. I can use the shield operation to protect my operating system, startup programs, web browser, network and email attachments. The shield summary window inform me about the types of shielding I have opted and can be changed whenever I want.

The window shield gives protection to my operating system. I can protect my ActiveX components, System Services, File System and Program Execution. This facility is comprehensive enough to provide security to all parts of my operating system.

The startup programs can affect the functioning of the computer. Most of the adwares and spywares are loaded into my system using the startup facility. Webroot Spy Sweeper can block potentially unwanted programs from entering into the startup section.

The adwares, spywares and malicious software enter into my system from the internet. Shielding the browser help me to block such types of intrusion. The browser can be shielded from cookies and other objects.

The network shield helps to block ads and unexpected websites from loading into my computer. This often happens when I use internet. When I am trying to access a website some other website can be loaded automatically. Webroot Spy Sweeper provides protection from this also.

Another source of threat to my system is email attachment. This is a headache since the malicious software can be well disguised in the attachments. Webroot Spy Sweeper provides protection from such types of attachments. 

Customizing my Webroot Spy Sweeper
I have the freedom to make the scanning, shielding and other operations of the Webroot Spy Sweeper as I want. The sweep operation can be customized to scan those areas I want. I can set the scan to sweep only certain drives, windows registry, memory objects, cookies or compressed files.

The shielding also can be set as I like. I can set the shield on for detecting malicious software, depending on the program characteristics. The way in which the shield alerts me can also be adjusted. This will help me to continue my works undisturbed.

Webroot Spy Sweeper has the ability for automatic updates. New malicious software are produced virtually everyday. So I have to constantly update my Webroot Spy Sweeper for better results. Webroot Spy Sweeper automatically inform me about new updates.

The way in which Webroot Spy Sweeper interacts with me can be adjusted according to my like. I can turnoff the splash screen, sweeping can be initiated at the startup. I can do whatever I want using Webroot Spy Sweeper to satisfy my needs.

Set the sweep automatically
I often forget scanning the computer when I am engaged in other works. Webroot Spy Sweeper helps me to solve this problem using the scheduled scan. I can set a time and date for scanning the system using the schedule facility.

The add button allow me to choose the type of schedule. After selecting the type of schedule I can set the time and date for performing it.

The adwares, spywares and malicious software are the most dangerous threats to my system. I cannot imagine when it will strike me. Webroot Spy Sweeper gives the freedom to use internet without fear.

Author: Manoj Goel Review on: Spy Sweeper 6.0

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