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Skype enables you to talk, make video & conference calls, send instant message.

License: FreewarePublisher: Skype Limited

OS: Windows 7, Vista, XP

Update: 2014-02-18 05:25:34Latest Version:

Skype – All Online Communication Under One Sky

I came across Skype when I was getting worried about the telephone bills. I have some relatives living in different parts of the world including US and UK. I was spending so much money on calling them that they eventually asked me to search for some option where call costs would be much lesser. It was then that I wanted to test Skype. I was overwhelmed by the way it worked. It is perfect in all ways.  Skype is the one stop software for all my communication needs. I can use it as an instant messenger at the least. I mostly use the video chat feature which I found being very clear when compared to other such software.

Getting tired of lengthy phone bills? Skype has got an answer!

The best thing about Skype is that, now my phone bills are reduced by more than half. The call rates for almost any country in the world are the least at Skype when compared to the traditional phones and even other internet calling services. Now let me present the most exciting feature of Skype. It is completely free of charge to make calls from Skype to Skype. All I needed was to download the software, which was reasonably small, about 9.5 MB, and ask my friends to get it on their PCs. That’s it I was speaking to all my friends for free!!

Online conference is a great idea with Skype

Another interesting feature in Skype is that I can have conference calls within my friend circle. Isn’t that exciting? Yes it’s just like the normal mobile phone, the only difference being it’s free. I can chat with all my friends and most importantly with digital clarity. The voice clarity is unmatchable and truly great. All I had to do was spend some time adding all the contacts and organizing my contacts into different groups.  But that’s not a big deal as same is the case with any mobile or phone but Skype is easier to manage contacts.

Skype as a messenger- Best in class!
I not only use Skype for calling and conferencing but it’s also the best messenger I came across. I can organize my profile and the way I look to others. Not only can I speak to them but I can also chat with them, share my files, photos, videos and what not. I can even send fax using Skype. Yes, I said it’s right. I can even use it to send fax. I can have call forwarding for free. Now what more can get me huge bills when most of those services are free and few require very little money here? On Skype I can also hire a number which regardless of where I am is same and costs the same for my family and friends to call!!

Skype is a virtual club!!!!!
When I get bored with my work, I just use yet another free feature in Skype. I can play little games in Skype. Most of the times I do not play them alone but play them along with my friends. I have the option to invite a friend, even friends, to play simple games with me on Skype. Most of the games are multiplayer games so I can play them with my friend circle. Skype has become such popular with my friends that we now hang out mostly on this virtual club.

Don’t have to always talk, just leave a message
I sometimes don’t feel like talking over the phone. May be because I don’t want to answer all the questions the other person asks me! Then I just send a voice mail through Skype. That’s one great facility I found in Skype. I can also send an SMS. All I need in Skype is some credit in my Skype account that can be used for calls, SMS, voice mails and such paid features. That’s really easy to get the Skype credit. I just need my credit card or even my Paypal will do.

More at my disposal!!
And there is the Skype Shop. That’s where I go for shopping for my digital stuff. I wanted a quality microphone and I get it there. That’s a great and secure place to shop. The most important and the best thing about Skype is that all the features are customizable.  I can customize it in a way I want. My profile, my contacts, groups, my audio settings, video settings, calls settings and what not. Everything is my taste there. I love it for its sophistication as well as its simplicity of use.


Author: Manoj Goel Review on: Skype 4.1.0 Beta/

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