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License: FreewarePublisher: Apple Inc.

OS: Windows 8, 7, Vista, 2003, XP, 2000, 98

Update: 2009-06-18 04:14:22Latest Version: 4.0.1

Safari 4 Beta - Running with a “3x Faster” speed than Firefox

Apple released new Safari 4 Beta website browser on this Tuesday. This new version of Safari browser owns obvious new seven leading features, including Nitro Engine, Top Sites, Full History Search, Cover Flow, and Tabs on Top, Windows Native Look and Developer Tools. We introduce them from respective functions.

Nitro Engine

Among them, the major and important new advantage is Nitro Engine. Nitro Engine is the core of Safari 4 Beta. Don’t you ever hope your browser will lead you a special and fast browsing experience? Just try Safari 4 Beta. It is also the Nitro Engine that makes new Safari 4 Beta run faster than other browsers. It is pointed out that it will run JavaScript four times faster than Safari 3, three times faster than Firefox and thirty times higher than Internet Explorer 7. To speak of, with the most advanced and increasing technologies, the Safari 4 contains strong fast performances.

Top Sites

Do you also imagine your browser can makes you to look through in a visual browsing way and provide a special top sites list for you? Exactly, Top Sites in Safari 4 Beta shows you to enjoy a convenience of preview favorite websites; you even do not need to lift a finger! Safari 4 Beta will remain the record you visiting and rank them at the same time. Users can also customize display layout according to adding some favorite websites in a specific location of your grid browsers. Don’t you think it is so easy to look your browsing top ones where you are usually being? You do not need to enter the whole website location in you grid. Just use you Top Sites of Safari 4 Beta!

History Search &Cover Flow

Besides, Safari 4 Beta also gives you a full History Search experience. Together with new Cover Flow, they two offer users a highly visual way of reviewing site history and bookmarked pages. Presenting you those you even visited, you will see again where you have gone. Is there a pity you have looked half of a page but it is suddenly closed? Do you want to find out the information you are reading and copy them? History Search and Cover Flow will solve you problem.

Windows Native Look

Furthermore, Safari 4 Beta will consider your computer system. Even you run Windows Vista or Windows XP on your PC, Safari 4 Beta will absolutely make you feel integrated. Safari 4 Beta contains a classic Windows native page layout. No matter Windows title bar, toolbar, borders, Safari 4 Beta even make the Windows fonts in application! So, here you will turn your difficulties between Windows and PC away!

Developer Tools

Last but not the least, developer tools of Safari 4 Beta can provide the personal settings for users. Open a page, turn it on Safari preference and use them to examine the structure of that page.

Tabs on Top

Finally, with a little difference from some browsers, Safari takes tabs on a new height! It still supports opening many pages at the same time in a single browser window.

To summarize all of advantages of Safari 4 Beta, the best way is to download it and save your personal browsing experience. Just like Brian Croll from Apple said, Safari is always engaged in performance, innovation and internet standards. It can be said, Safari 4 Beta takes a biggest step on browser development innovation. We do believe, Apple, will further bring us a lot of well-performed website tools. Let’s desire!

Author: Lucas Artigas Review on: Safari 4 Beta

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