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Try the faster browser that allows you get the most from today's Web.

License: FreewarePublisher: Opera Software

OS: Windows 8, 7, Vista, 2003, XP, 2000, 98

Update: 2013-09-25 21:14:08Latest Version: 16.0.1196.80

Explore the Virtual World in Opera Way

The first time I saw Opera, what attracted me was the look and feel of the browser.  It’s the most stylish among all browsers I came across. It is packed with a bundle of great features like integrated mail client, IRC chat client, RSS feeds, support for mouse gestures and what not. I call it a web bundle instead of a web browser.  It has a solution for every single need imaginable when I am working on the internet.

Customizing by own style
I particularly like the idea of changing the skins of my opera when I get bored with the existing one. One can easily select among the skins available with the browser or download additional skins from the web site. Not only changing skins but I am also impressed by the wide range of widgets that I want to use. Widgets are the applications which I can integrate with the browser just to make my browsing experience easier and better. I generally use widgets like calendar and the calculator (I don’t somehow like to use the windows calculator). I have many more, depending on my needs.

Unique Arms of Opera
The most exciting feature of Opera is the Opera Link. Using this feature you can access bookmarks, notes and other similar requirements from different PCs. I take it as an opportunity to carry my bookmarks everywhere I go as it can synchronizes not only with other Opera browser but can do the same works with any other browser like Firefox and IE. I just sign up with the Opera and I can use this Opera link feature to access my links from anywhere through internet.

A New Style of Searching the Web
Whenever I want to subscribe to a site, I use the RSS reader which tells me about the RSS feed of the site. One particular thing that makes Opera the best is that it is the only browser has an integrated Bit-torrent client. Now I don’t have to use a separate torrent client in order to download .torrent files. The search bar has a bit-torrent search option. It also integrates all search engines. I don’t have to go to a special site to search; I can directly search from Opera browser.

More then Enough Security
I feel very secure working with the Opera browser as it has the most advanced security features. It has a pop-up blocker and I can customize it to block any additional content. If I don’t want images or something from a particular site, then I can customize the pop-up blocker to block them. I can actually block images by just clicking a single button at the bottom of the browser. So the security of my browser is defined by me.

It’s More then Easier to Use
Another great feature of Opera is the speed dials. I can go to my favorite site with just one click. It keeps the sites in cache and the moment I hit on the button I go directly to the site of my choice.

As I do most of my work over the Internet, I sometimes get tired of browsing. That’s when I use the mini game option in Opera. I can play small games just to refresh myself. The feature I use most often is the download/transfer manager. It has a download list option like Firefox and I can pause the download (if the host allows me to pause).

With opera I have an option to zoom the screen. I can also view tabs on the front page as thumbnails. The inactive tab can be viewed as a thumbnail on the point of a mouse.

Opera comes with a low bandwidth e-mail for slow connections. It controls the bandwidth by just displaying first 100 lines of the message. Until I click the message it doesn’t download the whole message and also the attachments and images. This way it saves my bandwidth and increases convergence. It also has a very easy to use chat client integrated.

It is the Best in Rest and All in All
To sum it up, Opera is the best web browser available in the market and moreover free software. It is a small package including a large number of unique features. Opera is the most easy to use, fast, highly features packed web browser software. Apart from occasional crashes, I could not find any problem with the browser. Nothing to worry even if it crashes, opera actually stores the page every time I close the window and opens the last viewed page when I open the window the next time.


Author: Manoj Goel Review on: Opera 10 Build 1551 Beta 1

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