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Multi-protocol instant messenger client for Windows, support ICQ ,Miranda July.

License: FreewarePublisher: Miranda IM

OS: Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2000, NT

Update: 2013-09-11 21:39:42Latest Version: 0.10.17

Change Logs

Miranda 0.7.19/0.8.0 Test
  • ICQ: Fixed server connection thread issue
Miranda 0.7.15
  • Windows compatibility improvements
  • Registry key no longer written on launch of Miranda IM
  • Improved keyboard support in import dialog
  • Improved hotkey support in delete contact dialog
  • Fixed issue with failed searches
Miranda 0.7.14
  • AIM: Fixed timeout issue
  • ICQ: Minor packet issue
  • ICQ: Login enhancements
  • Fix typo in sound options
Miranda 0.8.1


  •     Improve account renaming inside of the account manager
  •     Notification if missing messaging plugin


  •     Improved upgrade procedure when using older contact list and messaging plugins
  •     Network list in options wasn’t sorted
  •     Fixed missing icon/menu issues
  •     Fixed crash in options on XP pre SP2
  •     Fixed errors loading dlls on wrong OS
  •     Fixed drawing background in options search
  •     Fixed account removal handling
  •     Fixed hotkey issue with some MS keyboards
  •     Fixed possible crash with event data
  •     AIM: Fixed issue with multiple connection requests
  •     AIM: Fixed issue setting AIM profile
  •     ICQ: Fixed AIM away message handling (caused online status to be seen as away in some clients)
  •     IRC: Possible crash on specific alias
  •     MSN: Fixed renaming nickname from options
  •     MSN: Fixed Offline messaging reception from Beejive client
  •     Yahoo: Show download progress properly
  •     Yahoo: Cancel out in the middle of file receive.
  •     Yahoo: Main menu fixes
Miranda 0.8.2


  • Improved account deletion support
  • MSN: Non IM contacts removed from the contact list and database
  • Yahoo: Removed “Show Profile” for non Yahoo contacts

Bugs fixed:

  • Fix for SSl erors when client tries to send on closed connection
  • AIM: File transfer fixes
  • IRC: Own actions were not always shown
  • Jabber: Random disconnect issue caused by timeouts
  • Jabber: Fixed encrypted messages being empty (XEP-0027)
Miranda 0.8.3
  • Fixed contact list minimum row height determination
  • AIM: Chat message processing improvements
  • AIM: Fixed error messages during nickname upload
  • AIM: File transfer improvements
  • Jabber: Fix for saving the checkbox value in password dialog
  • MSN: Away message api compatibility improvement
Miranda 0.8.4


  • Gadu-Gadu: Added option: ‘Show links from unknown contacts’
  • Yahoo: Improved login error detection


  • Installer uses safer method of previous installation choices detection
  • AIM: Fixed mail notifications
  • AIM: Filenames were not correct on file receive
  • AIM: Fixed setting status message to not supported status
  • Gadu-Gadu: Icons were not installed correctly
  • Gadu-Gadu: Fixed crash opening new conference
  • Gadu-Gadu: Removed ‘Show contacts not on my list having me on their list’ option due to the server changes
  • ICQ: Advanced search was not working in some cases
  • Jabber: Ignored Google Talk custom domains in account manager
  • Jabber: Receiving messages stops if tag in response is incomplete
  • Jabber: Group chat invites didn’t process non-legacy invites
  • Jabber: Fix for rare crash
  • Jabber: Handle realms correctly in Digest-MD5 SASL
  • MSN: Fixed setting status message to not supported status
Miranda 0.8.5

Bugs fixed:

  • Auto away did not respect locked protocols
  • Fixed possible file transfer crashes with Windows 9x
  • Fixed deleting accounts for not loaded protocols
  • Fixed minor selection issues with the profile manager
  • ICQ: Incorrect behavior of error messages when popup was unloaded
  • ICQ: Improved file transfer resume
  • ICQ: Improved status message handling
  • ICQ: Improved change info module accessibility
  • MSN: Fixed address book migration from 0.7
  • MSN: Fixed phones in the contact list
  • MSN: Fixed removing IM contacts
  • MSN: Fixed blocking contacts not on contact list
Miranda 0.9.0 Build 2 /0.8.6


  • Performance improvements with network logging disabled
  • AIM: Added send directory ability
  • MSN: Added ability to transfer all files in a directory
  • MSN: Use protocol username for chat names in contact list


  • Fixed possible crash in the file transfer window while scrolling
  • Fixed file transfer resume
  • AIM: AIM 7 is now detected
  • AIM: Improved file transfer support
  • Jabber: Ignored the “Manual host” setting during the account registration
  • MSN: Fixed chats with IM Control users
  • MSN: Auth request reason is now displayed
  • MSN: Fixed deletion of contact from Hotmail address book
  • MSN: Fixed avatar sending on chat session

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