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A file sharing software that provides an excellent searches and download speed.

License: FreewarePublisher: Lime Wire LLC

OS: Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2000

Update: 2011-08-25 21:58:14Latest Version: 5.5.16

It’s LimeWire to Share Everything except Lime and Wire

LimeWire is a gateway to share our media or files with others over a P2P network. It is actually a free P2P files sharing client. LimeWire P2P client also come in a pro version but I am satisfied with its free version. My desire of finding free content has taken me around the internet. After the two years exploration of the internet I found P2P files sharing clients. Till then I am using the P2P files sharing clients to find and share various type of media and other documents. I had tested and used many P2P files sharing clients for finding and sharing files. But, finally I discovered LimeWire, it is not just another file sharing P2P tool. My almost all desires of free content are fulfilled with LimeWire. Let me try to explore its heights and depths.

It’s ready to teach us
At its home window I found a flash video. It is actually a short tutorial video for new users to briefly explain its usage. Due to this video my first time use of LimeWire was very easy and in a couple of minutes I started using and finding my desired files. A more detailed text and image tutorial is also bundled with LimeWire to help the new and old user of the software.

LimeWire Store but available only is US
LimeWire have its own media store. From this store the users of LimeWire can purchase various types of media files, but its my bad luck that LimeWire store is not available for me as I am not from USA and it is available for only US customers.

Search the Lime of Desire
LimeWire supports the search of various types of media, but it distributes all media in five main categories. Therefore this distribution makes my search process a bit easier. So if I want to find any audio, video, images, documents or a program then I just have to select the category of search and then type the keyword that I want to search. It simply returns the result as per my search criteria.

My Personal but virtual web library
On the LimeWire I found a My Library option. It list all those content that I currently have in some specified folders and sharing over P2P network with others. It automatically manages all the content of My Library in a proper fashion by categorizing all data in four categories of audio, video, images and documents. Here, I have full control over the shared content and I can add any file or remove any shared file from my library.

P2P Network – listing all Shared Files
In the P2P network Tab I can find all the files that I am currently sharing over P2P network. LimeWire here again can automatically arrange my various types of data in different categories, and of course I can add or remove any or all of them anytime.

All Friends tab to contact with all friends
In the All Friends tab I found 3 options to login and to contact with my friends. Here I can login with my Gmail id to contact with my friends of Gmail. I can also login here with my Jabber or LiveJournal.

Advanced Search for more refined results
Normally whenever I search on LimeWire for various content by using simple search option and simple keywords I found hundreds or even thousands of results. So finding the exact desired file is not so easy. But by using its advanced search option I can refine my search result, therefore I can find my desired files quickly.

With the help of its Advanced Tools I can watch and monitor all the active connections. From this feature of LimeWire I can find all the technical details of the connections. It is not just the status viewer for various connections. Here I can also add my own connection, but to add new connection I need to provide host address and port no. to start a new connection.

From the options window I can make lots of changes to customize the LimeWire. The security feature of filtering is very useful. It prevents my system from viruses and spywares etc.

Bottom Line
As a user I am very satisfied with the LimeWire P2P file sharing client. It always gives me proper results as par my search query. So, I always recommend this tool to share and download the files.

Author: Manoj Goel Review on: LimeWire 5.2.1 Beta/5.1.2

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