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It scans your computer to find Spywares or malwares or other unwanted programs.

License: FreewarePublisher: Trend Micro Inc.

OS: Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2000, 98, Me

Update: 2011-07-31 21:08:27Latest Version: 2.0.5 Beta / 2.0.4

TrendMicroHijackThis For Complete PC Protection

TrendMicro HijackThis is a trendy tool that gives complete protection to my PC. I use this program to protect my computer from malicious software and virus. I use TrendMicro HijackThis to scan my computer on a regular basis to protect my PC. The main problem with my PC is that the registry is manipulated by software updates. This happens when I install new programs. The manipulation can be caused by good software as well as malicious software. TrendMicro HijackThis helps me to scan the registry and keep it clean.

Scan PC regularly with TrendMicro HijackThis
Scanning my PC regularly with TrendMicro HijackThis is the only way to protect my registry from manipulations. TrendMicro HijackThis will generate a log file that lists the problems in the registry. TrendMicro HijackThis is easy to handle since the interface is easily understandable for me. I have to click on the Main Menu button to get the menu for scanning my registry.

I can easily understand the menu since it is well described. The first thing that I often do is to perform a system scan by clicking the button "Do a system scan only".

After scanning my registry TrendMicro HijackThis display the results of the scan in a small window. The listed results may not be a problem to my PC. I cannot always understand which one is harmful and which one is not. To identify the harmful entries I use the "Analyze this" button. TrendMicro HijackThis has the ability to analyze the results and show the entries that are harmful to my PC.

Log file is for reference
I can also save the log file for future references. This is very helpful for me to identify malicious software and harmful websites causing problems to my PC. Sometimes it will be difficult for me to understand some of the entries. I can get more information on a result by selecting it and clicking the “Info on selected item” button.

When I am not sure about the results I often refer it to TrendMicro HijackThis. I can upload the log file to TrendMicro HijackThis for advice from the software developers itself. If I am sure that a particular entry in the log file is harmful to my computer I can easily fix it using TrendMicro HijackThis. I only have to select that particular entry and click the "Fix checked" button. In some situations I will have a doubt about fixing a particular problem. TrendMicro HijackThis helps to solve this problem also by allowing that entry to be added to the ignore list.

I use TrendMicro HijackThis to know more about the way in which malicious software affects my system. The "Info" button takes me to a description on the various possibilities of hijacking.

Configure as you like
TrendMicro HijackThis provides an easy to use configuration setting. I use the configuration settings to handle the scan operation of the registry perfectly. TrendMicro HijackThis provides a variety of options to handle the scan.

I can also view and handle the entries in the ignore list. This is very handy since I can delete an entry in the ignore list after identifying it as harmful. The entries added to the backup also can be viewed. I can use this window to restore or delete an entry in the backup.

I can scan and save the log file from the main menu of TrendMicro HijackThis. This became extremely useful since I needed the log file for future reference. I can send this log file to registry experts. They often analyze this log file and respond with suggestions on entries in the log file. This is not only useful to me but others can also study about various possibilities and problems of malicious software.

"Miscellaneous tools" But the most important
The "miscellaneous tools" are other set of useful programs that help to manage my system.

Study the Startup list
I can generate a list of entries in my startup list of my system. The entries in the startup will be listed in a text file. This is very useful for identifying the programs that executes when the operating system is loaded. Some of these programs were the culprits for slowing down my system

Kill unwanted process
The process manager is one of the tools that help me a lot. Some of the programs may not be responding due to internal problems. My system has failed to function till that program is finished. To stop that program I have to restart the system. I can use the process manager to kill that process. This saves a lot of time and is safer for my system.

Open Host File
TrendMicro HijackThis help me to open the host file. This file contains the mappings of IP addresses and host name.

Remove that headache
The delete a file on reboot facility is the one that I admire most in TrendMicro HijackThis. This is actually an unbelievable stuff. One of the worst problems of malicious software is that they will not allow certain files to be deleted. These files will be mounted in the memory and refuse to be deleted. I have spent several hours of midnight oil for deleting such files. But using this TrendMicroHijackThis facility such files can be easily removed.

Kill a service
The delete an NT service facility in TrendMicro HijackThis also serves the same purpose as described above. The malicious software will initiate certain services that cannot be stopped by the administrator and TrendMicro HijackThis come for help here also.

The unwanted datastream
The "Open ADS Spy" facility is another wonderful tool that helps to scan hidden data streams. A lot of processing time will be wasted due to these hidden streams. And TrendMicro HijackThis helps me by scanning the system and detecting such streams. They can also be deleted from the same window.

One stop complete uninstall
The uninstall manager helps me to delete all installed programs completely from the system. The operating system's uninstaller may not be able to detected and remove all installed programs. Some time the operating system's uninstaller will be unable to remove all the installed components of software. TrendMicro HijackThis is a handy tool for deleting all types of software.

In short TrendMicro HijackThis is an extraordinary light software that provides complete protection for my computer. TrendMicro HijackThis includes a bunch of tools that can be used in many difficult computing situations.

Author: Manoj Goel Review on: HijackThis 2.0.2

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