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Google Chrome

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OS: Windows 8, 7, Vista, 2003, XP, 2000, 98

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Google Chrome: The Browser with Wings

Google Chrome seems to be one of the fastest browsers available. The features provided in this browser make surfing interesting and fast. One of the exiting things I noted about this browser is its simplicity. I had to follow a sequence of steps for performing operations like book marking and searching in other browsers. Google Chrome performs these operations almost automatically or by a single click.

Very Light User Interface with Heavy Features

There are no complex menus or hidden commands in this browser. The commands that I use quite often are available in a single screen. The pages I have visited are displayed in a new tab when I open Google Chrome. Thumbnails of recently and frequently visited pages are neatly displayed in the tab for quick access. I can move to the desired page by clicking on the smaller windows.

The main window is neatly arranged. Unlike other browsers Google Chrome has only the most needed commands in the toolbar. These buttons can be used for navigating between opened pages and to refresh pages. The address bar is used for a variety of functions and of course for opening a web page.

The menu bar is also simple. There are only two menu bar items, one for performing the web page operations and the other one is used for editing functions. The Remove Thumbnails command in the main window can be used to remove the preview of web pages. The recently visited web pages can be viewed by simply clicking on the Recently Closed option. The full history of my surfing on Chrome is displayed as a web page by clicking the Show All History option.

Well Organized History Page

The History Page helps me to move to a web page I visited in the past on a single click. A new tab is opened to display that web page. The History page is neatly arranged in the order of date of visit. The “Delete history of the day” option removes all entries for a particular day. The “Older” command at the end of the page takes me to the list of web pages that are visited earlier.

Browsing From the Same Window

I can surf the internet without leaving the main window of Google Chrome. A new tab is opened for a new web page by clicking the “+” sign or ctrl+T. When the URL of the new page to be visited is entered, the address bar shows examples from previous entries. Right clicking a link and selecting “Open in new tab” command opens that web page in a new tab.

Address Bar: The Powerful Search Tool

The address bar of Google Chrome acts as a powerful search tool. The address bar prompts me with suggestions when I enter a URL. Searching is done by entering the words in the address bar and pressing Enter key. I don’t have to open a specific search engine for searching. I only have to type the name of the search engine, press the tab key and then enter the words to be searched.

Leaving No Traces

The incognito window is a method that helps me to browse unsafe web pages. The pages that I visit using this window are not saved in the browser history or search history. The cookies from the web pages are also not saved. But this feature does not provide any security features to my computer.

Managing the Bookmarks

Bookmarks help to move faster between web pages. The pages that I visit frequently can be stored in bookmarks manager. The process of book marking can be handled using the Bookmark Manger. New Pages and Folders can be added to the bookmarks using the right click context menu.

Record Downloads Information

The Download option opens information regarding all previous downloads in a new tab.  Clicking on the “Open in Folder” option opens the downloaded file in a folder. The file can be executed from this folder.

Customize Google Chrome with own Style

Google chrome provides several options for setting up browsing the way I need. The Option dialog opens the dialog box for customizing Google Chrome. The web page to be opened when Google Chrome starts can be entered here. The default search engine for Google Chrome is Google. Yahoo, LiveSearch, Ask and AOL are the other options available. Google Chrome can be chosen as the default browser.

The location for saving downloaded files, password remember facility, fonts, languages and auto form fill facility are categorized under the Minor Tweaks tab in the Option dialog box.

The security and privacy features are found in “Under the hood” tab. It provides options for notifying navigation errors, alternative page to load in case of errors, increase page load performance, malware protection etc.

I liked Google Chrome because there is nothing really to learn for using this software. After opening a few pages using Google Chrome everything is at the finger tips. All the details regarding favorites, bookmarks, history and passwords are automatically imported to Google Chrome from other browsers. The search facility using the address bar requires minimum mouse or keyboard commands.

Author: Manoj Goel Review on: Google Chrome

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