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Download files and whole web sites from any remote server via HTTP, HTTPS, FTP.

License: FreewarePublisher: FreeDownloadManager.ORG

OS: Windows 7, Vista, 2003, XP, 2000

Update: 2013-10-09 04:38:21Latest Version: 3.9.3 build 1359

Break the Barrier of Speed with Free Download Manager

As par my knowledge almost 80% internet visitors regularly download variety of software for their various tasks. In this Internet age still lots of internet users are using the slow dialup connections. Dialup connections are very slow for downloading the software even for average size of few megabytes. These connections are also not reliable to download large softwares due to frequent disconnections. Well, I am using the high speed broadband connection, but it is also not reliable due to frequent disconnections, therefore I have decided to use a download manager which can take all my tension of downloading large or small softwares easily. After in-depth testing of various shareware and freeware download managers I finally settled on Free Download Manager. It is not only a freeware but also it is able to boost the downloading speed as much as possible. Here I am going share my experience briefly.

Well Known Managed Interface

Free Download Manager comes with a classical interface. Actually it is not so classical and I like its interface due to its well management of all features over a small interface. Therefore, to use any of its features I can find it easily without wasting time here and there. It has a simple tree and tabbed based interface.  

Don’t care about management
I regularly download lots of various types of files from the internet. Managing all these files were very time consuming process earlier for me. But now I am not spending even a single minute on managing these files as these files are managed by Free Download Manager automatically. It can automatically categorize all my files in various categories like: music, video, software etc. Here I can also create my own new categories or sub-categories for more refined management.

History helps me a lot
Free Download Manager keeps record of all downloaded files with their download link, time and size of files. It helped me a lot many times when I lost my some important files. By using this history I was able to re-download my lost files without searching them again on internet.

Download anything with a click
Free Download Manager has the capability to integrate itself with all popular web browsers. I did not find any problem in using Free Download Manager on Internet Explorer, Firefox, Maxthon, Safari, Opera and Google Chrome browsers as I can set it as my default download manager. So just by clicking on the download link of any file it automatically opens a window to take action to start or cancel the download. I can also start the download manually by using “+” button and providing the download link.

Another easy way to start download is its small download basket. To start download I just need to drag the download link into download basket and it ask me to start or cancel the download.

Download speedily by parts
Free Download Manager actually downloads the files by dividing the files in multiple sections as par the size of the download file. It creates multiple sections of the file and downloads all sections concurrently by establishing multiple connections with the download server. This technique boosts the download speed by upto 300%. Here I can also track the progress of each section in blocks style which is very helpful for novice users.

Schedule it and forget it
Sometimes I need to download very large files, even of more then 2 GB, like mega software or movies. So, even after the use of Free Download Manager and 2Mbps broadband line, it takes hours to download. So it will be a waste of time to wait and watch the download progress. At this situation Free Download Manager is here to help me to save my time by scheduling my all tasks as par my requirements.  

Flash the Videos
Downloading of common type of files is supported by almost all download managers, but downloading of flash videos is supported by Free Download Manager only (as par my knowledge).

Why to use separate torrent downloader?
Here I found another great opportunity. It comes with a torrent downloader. So, there is no need to use another downloader to download files from torrent.

Upload anything not just download
Free Download Manager is well known due to its download capabilities. But I want to say that it is not just a download manager, as it also gives me power to upload any file to a remote server hosted by Free Download Manager to share uploaded files with others. So if I want to share any file with my friends or others then I just need to upload the file by using Free Download Manager. I can also password protect the files if the files are confidential.

Explore the website structure
With site explorer feature of Free Download Manager I can explore the structure of any website. It is not much useful for me, but it may be very helpful for web developers or the expert users. By exploring the structure of any website we can download any particular part of the website instead of downloading whole website.

Download whole site with spider
HTML Spider is a way to download whole website with the just click of a mouse. Just by entering the URL of the site I can download the whole website. It automatically searches all the static pages and other media of the site to download.

It’s a freedom to use Free Download Manager from all download tension.

Author: Manoj Goel Review on: Free Download Manager 3.0

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