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FlashGet is a leading download manager and has the highest amount of users.

License: FreewarePublisher: Trend Media

OS: Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP

Update: 2013-06-17 04:53:35Latest Version:

FlashGet – A Time-Saver Download Manager

We've already been talking about download management software in previous articles, today I'm going to tell you about a piece of freeware which developers claims to be the best download manager. At least, that's what their motto tells.

FlashGet 1.9.6 is a utility that will optimize file downloads, and with many extras like torrents direct download, videos download, flash movies, smart downloads management, rapidshare compatibility, antivirus check, skins support and a long etcetera list.

How Does FlashGet Work?
As reported on its website, FlashGet can increase download speed from 6 to 10 times, due to the use of a technique called MHT (Multi-server Hyper-threading Transportation) and optimization arithmetic.

In practical terms, FlashGet splits the file to be downloaded  into equal parts, and simultaneously starts the download of each. The download system -which is similar to that of many other such programs- creates multiple simultaneous connections for each part, but not fixing the part so if a part has already finished downloading, the connection is used to download the rest and does not die, thus making the download faster, so as to maximize the use of our bandwidth.

For a simple and quick comparison I started the same file download in the regular Firefox download manager and in FlashGet, as you can see, an image tells a thousand words... check it yourselves in the next screenshot.

More Than Just Regular Downloads
FlashGet supports different protocols, not only the traditional download via HTTP, but also FTP, BT, MMS, RTSP and other several options such as the eMule protocol.Besides Besides, we'll also save time and much inconvenience, let's say we want to download an entire album of 4 Cd's (with 20 songs each). Overall, in normal circumstances, that would have 80 links to click, but FlashGet incorporates a practical option to download all at once and save these nuisances. Just copy/paste the URL of the site that contains the files in FlashGet's Site Explorer (Tools → Site Explorer or F7) Address field. You only need to press the right button and use the menu option “Download...”. The program will display a window with all the links in the page, and once chosen those we are interested in, FlashGet will start downloading the files in an orderly manner.

In Internet Explorer we only need to right-click over a download link and use the menu option “Download all with FlashGet'”.

Another important feature and very useful to me, is the possibility that the program gives us to add descriptions to files we decide to download and it also supports drag and drop, so if we download lots of files, it will be much easier to know what each file is. It also allows us to fully customize several categories to have our downloads much better organized. Using these functions, we will not have to overload our memory to remember what is what.

Safety Downloads Including Torrents
We can also use FlashGet to download torrent files with really good results. The download is fast. But, when the download is complete, the question is, will it have virus or not? FlashGet solves this with a call to the antivirus we use, to scan all files we download. This way it can clean any viruses, spyware or deceptive adware.

We can also make FlashGet our default BitTorrent client selecting this option under Options → BT (BitTorrent).

I've also tried the new Beta version which you can see has a completely renewed interface look, anyway, its localization seems not to be fully achieved as there is still so many Chinese captions, and there is also a lot of more advertising than in older versions. Besides it seems to integrate better with browsers as it automatically asked me to install a plugin during setup.

Final Words

As you can see FlashGet has a lot of really good features to offer, the only thing I found disappointing is that it does not automatically integrates with Firefox as it does with IE, I also found that if I wanted it to work in Firefox, I needed to install a plugin but I was highly discouraged to do it since in Mozilla's add-ons site, in the comments section for this add-on some users say its author added some kind of malware/trojan to it.

We are eager to read you opinions on this solid freeware download manager in the comments section below.

Author: Lucas Artigas Review on: FlashGet 1.9.6

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