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Create image files of your original discs with DAEMON Tools Pro Standard.

License: SharewarePublisher: DAEMON Tools

OS: Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2000, 98

Update: 2012-07-05 20:23:46Latest Version: 4.41.0315

Change Logs

DAEMON Tools 4.30.0305
  • Updated and improved images engine;
  • Adware free!
  • Languages updates;
  • Some minor GUI bugs fixed.
DAEMON Tools 4.09
  • Support for StarForce 4.70.
  • Support for compressed and encrypted *.mds images which soon will be created by Alcohol and DAEMON Tools Pro.
  • Support for compressed and encrypted *.isz images created by UltraISO.
  • Fixed some minor issues with image autorun, autostart option etc. (also HKCU is used now instead of HKLM).
  • Added "Check for updates" option (periodically checks for new version at each tray start).
  • Internal virtual drive engine enhancements.
  • Fixed installation problems on Dell systems with Embassy Trust Suite
DAEMON Tools 4.08

This new version supports silent setup now.
Example: daemon408-x86.exe /S /D=F:\Some Folder\
Note that no quotes must be used in installation path even if name has spaces.
All critical errors will be still displayed no matter silent or not.
Case of parameters is important, eg. /s will not work.
Reboot prompt will not be shown.

If SPTD was not present then it will be silently installed but
PC will not be rebooted - it is assumed the administrator who
performs unattended install will take care of reboot and restarts DT setup after reboot in this case.

It is best first to use standalone SPTD installer and install it silently this way:

sptdinst-x86.exe add /q

Note: SPTD 1.37 will not display debugger warning dialog anymore. They left this info in EULA only as this message confuses many users and also not "silent setup friendly".
Standalone SPTD 1.37 installer is released by Duplex Secure officially and can be obtained at their website http://www.duplexsecure.com

Also fixed:

A lot of Installation problems (f.e. invalid device, prob 12 etc).
SPTD 1.37 fixes also problem reported with virtual drive from InterVideo DVD Copy 5.

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