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CuteFTP is absolutely the easiest way to transfer files across the internet.

License: SharewarePublisher: GlobalSCAPE

OS: Windows Vista, 2003, XP, 2000

Update: 2011-12-07 21:16:30Latest Version: 8.3.4

CuteFTP - The Simplest And Cutest FTP Client

CuteFTP is one of the simplest software that I have used to download and upload files using internet. I started using CuteFTP for downloading digital images, music, movies, software and for publishing web pages. CuteFTP looked to be very easy to handle since I had only simple applications. When I got used to the simpler applications I explored deeper into it. The power unleashed was amazing. I found that I can even use it to maintain the sophisticated web pages in my office.

The Wizard Offered Me
Getting connected to an FTP server using CuteFTP became an easy task for me. There are many methods for getting connected to a FTP server in CuteFTP. But I prefer to use the Connection Wizard. I only have to enter the host address and a label. The label is very useful since I don’t have to remember the host address in the future. The wizard will guide me through the rest of the process like entering username, password etc. I don’t have to bother about such things since the wizard will provide necessary messages for each step. After getting connected I can work on the Default folder of my server seen in the remote pane.

No brain storming required for using CuteFTP
The main specialty of CuteFTP is its simple and cute user interface. This helped me to navigate easily in the web. The local folder pane helps me to organize the files in my PC. The files that I want to download or upload can be organized in folders. The Queue Pane will display the files that I am downloading or uploading and their status. I found this facility to be very handy since I can stop, resume and pause any of the file transfers whenever needed. The progress of file transfer, starting time, ending time, elapsed time, time left, speed of file transfer etc. are also displayed in the Queue Pane. Initially I felt that this information was useless. But when the number of file transfers and size increased this information became vital.

No more sleepless nights for file transfer
I had to spend hours in front of the computer for transferring files. Quite often the link gets broken and I had to resume the file transfer once again. I became completely free when I started using CuteFTP. I can begin a process and leave the rest to CuteFTP. CuteFTP supports multiple file and multipart file transfers.

Drag and drop facility provides an easy method for file transfer. I can easily transfer multiple files using the multi-select facility. The selected files can be then dragged to the Queue Pane. I can start transferring the files in the Queue Pane whenever required. I can also utilize the automatic resumption facility. Automatic resumption will continue the file transfer until all files are transferred even if there is an interruption.

Most of my time was wasted downloading files that are bigger in size. The multipart file transfer facility in CuteFTP solved this problem also. I can easily drag the file to the Queue Pane, setup the automatic resumption facility and forget the rest. Earlier I had to manually resume a file transfer several times. It becomes a nightmare while using a connection with lower bandwidth. But the automatic resumption will take care of the interruption and do all those tasks for me.  

Editing is no more local
Earlier I had to download my HTML files to my PC for making changes. The remote editing facility of CuteFTP has solved this problem. I can now edit the files in the server itself. An HTML editor is provided in CuteFTP. To edit a webpage I only have to open that webpage in the server using the HTML editor, make the changes and save it. Even though this HTML editor does not provide full features, I can use it for making small changes in my websites.

I don’t need another FTP Client
I had problems with other FTP clients due to the limitations in the type of files they can handle. The protocols used by the servers may be SFTP or SSL. Some of the FTP clients cannot handle all these protocols. But when I used CuteFTP I found out that it can be used to transfer files between most of the FTP servers found in internet.

I can transfer files either in binary or ASCII mode using CuteFTP. I can choose the most appropriate one. This choice depends on the type of the server. But CuteFTP can understand the file transfer mode depending on the type of file. So I don’t have to worry upon the type of file transfer mode required.

Backup can be done in a click
I can easily create a backup of my files and folders using CuteFTP server. The backup of the files can be also restored from the remote server when needed. I only have to enter the folder name to backup and the address of the server. CuteFTP will look after the remaining tasks for me.


Author: Manoj Goel Review on: CuteFTP 8.3.2

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