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Corel Paint Shop Pro

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Get professional-looking photos fast.

License: SharewarePublisher: Corel Corporation

OS: Windows Vista, XP

Update: 2010-02-10 00:36:25Latest Version: 12.50

Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo X2 – A Full Suite For Digital Photography Optimization And Edition

Today I'm giong to tell you about an amazing piece of software which is purely designed to help us with our image editing and photo retouching with more than acceptable professional results. So, if you were looking for a toolkit like that, Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo X2 is a  really good choice for any aspiring photographer, because it facilitates the processing, edition, enhancement and creation of professional-quality photos. It brings the capabilities and tools to help us to correct usual imperfections instantly with just one click. It also includes artistic effects, filters and a full range of advanced edition tools to achieve exactly the result we are looking for.

Enhance Edit And Even Manage
As I was saying, Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo X2 is a fully featured and powerful tool which is really handy when it comes to enhance, edit, create and even organize our pictures, I mean, technically talking it is labeled as a raster and vector graphics editor, but as you can see it is evidently focused in digital photography handling. Its tools are designed to simplify the multiple editing tasks, being able to a wide variety of actions, from performing automatic correction processes to precise pixel by pixel editing as well as layer management. Thus, this great product includes usual photo correction tools, such as the one to correct 'red eyes' or to perform automatic photo enhancement, as well as adjustments and effects in several variants as you will see in the next screenshots.

Under the Adjust menu we will find all the options for editing  our images, from brightness and contrast to fine color adjustments, and a lot more, and under the Effects menu we will find a lot of categories, really an endless list of them   from artistic to distortion, from geometric to textures and really a lot more, hundreds of predefined effects to add that magic touch that almost everyone likes to see in a picture, allowing us to create true works of photographic art only connoisseurs can note that has been modified.
We can even add effects to the list by means of plugins. But as a matter of fact they are so many that not only we will see ourselves in the need to add more, but also there is and effect browser which through a tree menu shows them all with a thumbnail pre-visualization of the applied effect on the current image.

The Enhance Photo  menu also contains a lot of different options and they are all really helpful.

We will find that they are predefined actions but we are still going to be able to perform parameter adjustments and select different options. Just to give an example I executed the Color Balance option. It is a really useful tool that allows us to make color adjustments in a simple and smart way with slicers. Its real-time pre-visualization can be even applied to the real image, thus we get a complete idea of what it will look like when we are done.

The Time machine is the tool that most called my attention for its efficiency. This function is able to retouch our photos, making them appear older but it is not just the “sepia” filter you can find in most image editors, this is a really well biult tool, you can even choose what time you want it to look like among seven settings, from 1839 until 1960, and what I found really interesting is the fact that each mode has its corresponding explanation.


Recent changes in Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo include new tools and utilities such as a handy photo organizer which enables us to manage our image files and folder with a really nice thumbnail viewer, smart color retouches, depth of field, skin smoothing, and the cropping tool has been significantly improved, it also includes e-mail features, and  video preview among other minor novelties.

Final Words

To sum up I should say that we are in front of a very powerful and versatile toolbox, which is highly suitable for both amateur and professional users. And the novelties in terms of tools that this magnificent piece of software incorporates are really versatile and in the practice their use is more than simple and intuitive, and make of Paint Shop Pro a really competitive alternative to other image editors.

Have you tried Corel Paint Shop Pro? If so, you can leave your thoughts in the comments section below. We are always eager to share opinions.

Author: Lucas Artigas Review on: Corel Paint Shop Pro 12.50

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