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Corel Paint Shop Pro

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Get professional-looking photos fast.

License: SharewarePublisher: Corel Corporation

OS: Windows Vista, XP

Update: 2010-02-10 00:36:25Latest Version: 12.50

Change Logs

Corel Paint Shop Pro 12.50

Enhanced! Camera Raw Support

  • For those who shoot in raw format, support for more than 250 cameras is available.
  • New! Background Remover
  • This new plug-in lets you easily change the background in your photos to create unique and exciting effects. Just cut out part of an image, remove it from the background and place it on a different setting. You can even preserve fine image details like strands of hair or smoke.

Enhanced! Creative Content Pack

  • Ideal for scrapbooking and other creative photo projects, this bonus pack contains 150 brand-new, custom-made photo frames, photo edges and Picture Tubes™ that allow you to enhance any image with fun graphics.

New! Certified for Microsoft Windows Vista

  • Software that's Certified for Windows Vista has undergone Microsoft compatibility tests for ease of use, better performance and enhanced security.
  • Bonus! Corel Painter Photo Essentials 4
  • This fun program lets you turn a photo into a unique work of art in just 3 easy steps:

                            1.    Choose a photo and the painting style you want to apply.
                            2.    Let the Smart Stroke painting technology create a stunning painting.
                            3.    Touch up your masterpiece by hand if desired.

Bonus! Media Recovery Software

  • New Media Recovery software included with Paint Shop Pro X2 Ultimate can recover images, movies and sound files from memory cards, even if they have been reformatted. It is compatible with virtually all media card formats.

Bonus! USB Flash Drive

  • Paint Shop Pro Photo X2 Ultimate comes with a 2 GB USB flash drive for storing and transferring your digital photos and files.

New! Corel MediaOne Plus (DVD Maker not included)

  • This fast, fun and easy photo & video software lets you turn pictures and video clips into slide shows, and create collages, calendars and album pages.

New! Express Lab

  • This super-fast Photo Fixing mode will save you hours. Now you can edit dozens of photos in the time it used to take to edit just a few. Breeze through folders full of photos to perform common photo-editing tasks, without having to wait for each individual photo to open. For example, crop, rotate, remove red eye and straighten an entire folder full of photos at once.

New! Graphite Workspace Theme

  • As soon as you launch the program, your new workspace appears, featuring a darker theme that makes your photos really stand out. For people who prefer the classic interface, switch back with just a few clicks.

New! HDR Photo Merge

  • Easily create photos that give you full detail in the shadows and highlights. HDR Photo Merge helps you combine 2 or more photos taken at different exposures, then automatically dodge and burn to bring out the contrast.

New! Layer Styles

  • Easily add special effects, such as drop shadows, embossing, outer and inner glows, bevels and reflections, to your text, photos and creative projects. The best part is, if you make any changes to the layer, the effect is automatically changed to match.

New! Visible Watermarks

  • Whether you're a professional photographer or someone who wants to share your photos online, it's a good idea to add a discrete custom watermark to remind those viewing your pictures who the photographer was.

New! Picture Tubes & Picture Frames

  • Get creative with over 30 brand new, professionally designed Picture Tubes and 30 new Picture Frames, including an exclusive new set for people who upgrade.
  • A longtime user favorite, Picture Tubes let you paint on photos with a collection of professionally designed artistic elements. For example, add butterflies and beetles to a picnic setting or fill an aquarium with fish.

Enhanced! Black & White Film Conversion

  • Create dynamic black & white photos by simulating the effects of shooting black & white film with colored filters.
  • Now you can select from a virtually infinite range of color combinations. This gives you full creative control of the Channel Mixer command, but in a far simpler interface. Plus, you can adjust brightness and apply Clarify to further enhance the black & white effect.

New & Improved! Makeover Tools

  • Quickly and easily touch up the appearance of your subjects to help everyone look their best in photos. This professional-strength tool contains the following modes:

                              New! Thinify – make people look thinner with just a click
                              New! Eye Drop – take the red out of irritated, bloodshot eyes
                              Enhanced! Blemish Fixer – remove facial blemishes
                              Enhanced! Suntan – add color to pale, washed-out skin
                              Toothbrush – quickly whiten discolored teeth

New! Crop to New Image

  • This tool is ideal for people who scan multiple images at once. It automatically creates a new file from the cropped area and keeps the original full scan open so you can easily separate individual image files from the group scan.

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