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OS: Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP, 2000

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BitDefender Antivirus 2009 - Professional Malware Protection

In this article I'm going to share with you the most outstanding novelties and features of the new version of the award winning series of anti-malware security software, BitDefender Antivirus 2009. In this new release some new features were added and existing ones were improved, this “install and forget” product provides top-notch proactive protection against all kind of malware including spyware, phishing attempts and identity theft, at minimal resources consumption.

Solid Protection via B-HAVE Technology
BitDefender Antivirus brings the ability to protect any PC in real time against virus, spyware and other types of Malware, but in my opinion, what is more interesting is that virus detection is not exclusively dependent on a list of known viruses, but through its B-HAVE technology, which can identify new threats and unknown attacks, or "0-day". So, what does B-HAVE mean? B-HAVE stands for Behavioral Heuristic Analyzer in Virtual Environments, and it is a next generation heuristic detection technology which generates a virtual computer-inside-a-computer where programs are run in order to analyze them in search for potential malware behavior. This kind of heuristic detection is based on the fact that if a program shows malware-like characteristics and/or behavior, then probably it is malware, moreover, malware programs usually perform specific actions (which legitimate pieces of software do not) thus making them detectable. However, this may look easy to understand, but in fact, the technology behind the process is highly complex.

Lots of Improvements
Among the improvements this new version we can find:

  • Energy saving in mobile computers: BitDefender activates automatically a mode for energy saving through its "laptop mode" when it detects that the computer is using its battery. Thus postponing the scheduled analysis, backups and system optimization to increase battery life.
  • Improvements in the integration of Online Security: This solid solution offers a wide range of proactive protection technologies to protect your online activities such as daily banking, shopping or social networks. Web traffic, e-mail or IM, all these actions will be analyzed in real time for viruses, spyware, phishing attempts and identity theft. You can also add Encryption Exclusions as you can see in the next screenshot. BitDefender also ensures that nobody can eavesdrop on conversations of traffic through instant messaging, Yahoo! Messenger and MSN Messenger, between two PCs

  • Vulnerability Analysis: It will analyze the degree of vulnerability of the operating system, forcing corrective actions if necessary, such as updating Windows and all running applications or changing the passwords for Windows accounts. As you can see in the next screenshot BitDefender prompted to install Critical Microsoft Updates, Other Microsoft Updates and to enable Windows Automatic Updates.

  • Better control over the administration of a small network: BitDefender offers its home users and small enterprises, the ability to manage the security of each computer that is connected to a small local network from a single location. BitDefender can be remotely configured from any networked computer, while tasks such as malware analysis, optimization and system updates can be configured and executed.

So,installing and controlling Bit Defender on other computers is easy and intuitive, just a few clicks and it will be finished and running.

  • Further improvements in game modules, work, energy optimization, use, and firewall: BitDefender has perfected its game and work modes, increasing its performance by reducing the system resources consumption, improving ease of use and the firewall module (now with IDS and IPv6 support).

  • Energy saving in mobile computers: BitDefender activates automatically a mode for energy saving through its "laptop mode" when it detects that the computer is using its battery. Thus postponing the scheduled analysis, backups and system optimization to increase battery life.

HDD Scanning and Cleaning
Regarding malware searching and elimination, BitDefender works really well, without the slightest sign of system slow-down or delay.

And it offered the statistics in a clear and easy to understand way. In my case it showed no virus but in case they appear it will also offer deletion or cleaning status.

Details Always Make the Difference
One last detail that called my attention and I would like to comment is the fact that BitDefender offered to scan for viruses every single device I plugged into my PC, not only USB drives but also CDs and DVDs. Couldn't ask for more!!

In Conclusion
The intuitive operation of this version, its automatic hourly updates and free technical support make of BitDefender 2009 one of the best security solutions to keep our PCs protected without affecting its performance. It is really worth every penny, but if you still have some doubts, you can try it for free during a 30-day trial period.
Do you use BitDefender? We would like to know about your user experience, so, please leave your comment below.

Author: Lucas Artigas Review on: BitDefender Antivirus 2009

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