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It is a file-sharing program that lets you find, download and share media files.

License: FreewarePublisher: Musiclab, LLC

OS: Windows 7, Vista, XP

Update: 2013-07-14 21:34:38Latest Version:

BearShare - The All New Download Experience

I have great passion in music and social networking, rather crazy. I always look for the latest software for accessing music and connecting with people in web. Such a search directed me into the fun filled world of BearShare. It was altogether a different experience for me. I could access millions of songs and videos from the web using BearShare. I was able to download the most favorite and hit songs and albums from the web instantly using BearShare. Most of all I could get connected to wonderful people using the social networking facility provided in BearShare. BearShare helped me a lot to learn more about music and singers.

Impatient: Don’t worry we have BearShare
Getting connected to the favorite songs when I want to hear them is the first thing that I look forward in download software. BearShare connects me instantly with the websites. I can search for artists, titles and albums using BearShare faster and easier. I often get annoyed when I am not getting something that I am searching for. But with BearShare I often get instant results and I am happy. 

The new cool music and video player
I like the look of the music and video player a lot but the most fascinating aspect is the way in which I can use the features. The navigation bar in the left of the window will allow me to select the music or video file that I want to play. The organization of the pane in the form of My Library, Top 25, Recently Downloaded and Quick Play allows me to locate the music I want to play easily. Music that I often want to hear can be added to My Library. I can create as many libraries as I want using the New Playlist option from the file menu. I can add songs that are in tune with my moods in these playlists.


The audio and video player controls are the same. Since the interface is standard to all media players, this was not at all a problem for me. The music or video file being played will be listed in the right hand side of the window. Information like track name, artist, duration and track number are displayed in this pane. This helps me to manage my playlist and library.
There is no difficulty for selecting the video files. I can select a video file to play in the same way I selected the audio file. The video player is really a cute little player. Initially it opens in the bottom left corner of the window. I can move it around using the Float option or can view in full screen. I really enjoy watching videos in Float mode. Because, I can view the video while I am working on other things. The keyboard and mouse control gives me more functionality, especially in the full screen mode.


Searching made simple
I can search for music and video files from internet without leaving BearShare. The Search BearShare button allows searching music and video based on artist, album or title. The search result will be displayed in the right pane. Information like track title, album, artist, length, availability and popularity are very useful for me. I often use this information to download a particular song or video.
Downloading files from the search results is a trivial task. I only have to click the Download button at the right bottom of the window. I can download multiple files too using BearShare. The status of downloading will be shown just below the search results.


Finding friends the BearShare way
I have no need to look for other places in search of friends. The social networking facility of BearShare can be invoked using the People button. The four pane distribution of the social networking window allows me to move easily. The four panes are assigned with specific purposes. The first one is used to store my profile. The second one stores the details of my friends. Third one displays the profile of popular people. I can use the fourth pane to search for new friends and to get connected with them. I have never seen such a simple organization of features in any social networking sites.


But to getting connected with my friends I always use another method. The My Friends button in the navigation bar offers better flexibility, and I only have to enter the email address of my friend to find him.


I get the latest using Discover
The Discover option helps me to search and download latest songs and albums available in internet. The organized site arrangement allows me to choose my favorites easily. I often wonder at the amount of information I can collect about an artist or music from here. When I feel that I have picked the right one, I can download it with a single click. I can also exchange views with online fans available in this site.


Move on with your favorites
I don’t have to spend time selecting and transferring media files to my portable devices. When I connect my iPod to the PC, BearShare will recognize it immediately. I can then manually or automatically transfer files to my portable device. The auto synchronization option will automatically update the iPod with files in my playlist.


Managing my media files
I have a variety of features in BearShare to manage my media file. The Quickplay, Top25, Recently Downloaded and Purchased Contents are exciting features that help to organize media files.

Author: Manoj Goel Review on: BearShare 8.0

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