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Azureus is a Java based BitTorrent client that offers multiple torrent downloads

License: FreewarePublisher: azureus

OS: Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2000, 98, NT

Update: 2012-09-19 22:03:20Latest Version:

Vuze – A Torrent Client With A Lot Of Extras

Vuze is an impressive utility intended to search and download all types of torrent files. Formerly named  Azureus, this new version ( of the legendary file exchange application brings a completely renovated interface which has been adapted to the arrival of high definition video (HD). Today I'm going to share with you its most outstanding features and novelties.

Installation Notes
Downloading and installing Vuze is really easy and quick, as we are talking about a 10MB installer and a 26.5MB disk space occupation. Once the setup process is started we will be prompted to install the Java Runtime Environment if we don't have it already installed in our system, but do not worry, Vuze will offer us the possibility to do it with just a click and after that the installation process will continue automatically.

Hot Novelties
Vuze has just added a feature that enables us to easily transform all downloaded files in order to store  and play them on our iPhone, iPod, Apple TV, PS3 and Xbox 360. In general, users tended to decline the use of Vuze in comparison with other clients like uTorrent which resources consumption is really lower, but this update is really cool, with an special interest for those who seek to play downloaded media in a place different from their PCs. Now, with the integration of the Devices functionallity, once we have successfully download a file, all we have to do is to simply drag and drop it to the selected device. Although it is in its beta stage it seems to work really well. Simple and easy, couldn't ask for more!

Another radical change included in Vuze is that like uTorrent and BitComet, Vuze incorporates the possibility of making searches within the client by the incorporation of  two torrent search engines by default: Mininova and Btjunkie. However you can always add more search portals to this list.

Vuze HD Network
The agreements reached between Vuze developers and some content producers like Starz, BBC, A&E and Showtime, allowing users to enjoy of hundreds of exclusive videos in high definition not available on other platforms through a channel called Vuze HD Network with very varied media content in high definition, including movie trailers,  sports videos, music, etc. The contents are categorized by channels: kinds, sports, horror, science fiction, anime, travel, movies, etc.. You can arrange the videos by length, price, popularity or importance.

Vuze offers multiple downloads, queue, priority system and many more options to download torrent files with full comfort. Under My Library, on the left side, Vuze displays Downloading and Unwatched and all the information about the selected download is shown on the right panel . All we have to do is to perform a search and select the torrent file on the results, after that Vuze will automatically download it showing a progress bar and all related data like how many seeds and peers are available, the estimated time, the size, and so on. Again, simple and easy!

Once a file is being downloaded, by right clicking on it we can access to the options menu. The possibilities are shown in the next screenshot.

Vuze also offers forums, a blog, FAQs and a Wiki page for us to interact with its growing community, under the Publish menu we can gain access to the publishing wizard to add our own content to the Vuze community. Note: One must register to be able to do this.

The Verdict
The good thing about Vuze is that we are talking about having a better visualization compared to the time required for download. On the other hand, more and  more people are turning to YouTube, despite their poor quality image instead of downloading a HD trailer with a P2P program, so, it is really hard to  know if Vuze will a successful future or not. In the meantime it is a highly competitive alternative to Joost, VeohTV or Bubblegum.

We are eager to read what you have to write about Vuze, please leave your opinion in the comments section below.

Author: Lucas Artigas Review on: Azureus

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