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Alcohol 120%

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CD/DVD burning copying backup recording duplication emulation and creation tool.

License: SharewarePublisher: Alcohol soft

OS: Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP, 2000, NT

Update: 2012-11-28 21:34:16Latest Version:

Take Alcohol to Copy any CD/DVD 120%

With the Alcohol 120% everyone can take backup of their important CDs or DVDs. If you are looking for exceptional game copy software which can make a copy of your games CDs or DVDs then your search should end at Alcohol 120%. Here I am going to share with you my experiences with Alcohol 120% from Alcohol Soft. It blows away all copy protections, makes very high quality copies of games on Console as well as PCs.  I am also going to share why Alcohol 120% is above other software in same category due to its exceptional customer service.

Easiness with Simplicity
Probably ease of use is the most important feature of Alcohol 120. It comes pre-configured for many types of Copy protections. This lets you simply select the protection type and burn the CD. Besides it has advanced features which allow an advanced user to customize settings for maximized results.


Copy Quality more then Original
I felt the copies made by the Alcohol 120 were as good as original when I played the copied version, I could not tell the difference between this and the original version.

Lets Eliminate the Protection
Alcohol 120% allows me to copy almost all PC and play station related games successfully and when it is necessary to use a third party software Alcohol has a very good guide that shows how to do the copy with a third party software specially for copying Xbox games.


Multi Language Support
Alcohol 120% support Multilanguage which makes it easier for people who do not speak English to use this tool with ease.

Alcohol 120% is not just a simple CD/DVD burning tool. It is much more then this. It is actually packed with many features. Some of them are Image Making wizard, Image Burning wizard, copy wizard, image finder, DVD/CD manager, Erase wizard and Xtra wizard. Let me explain them.

Wizards – An Easy way to use softwares
The particular thing I like about Alcohol 120% is that it provides all the features in a wizard form which gives me facility to navigate back and forth while working on a particular item.

Image Making Wizard - A Gateway of Backup
Its Image making wizard lets me create an image file in (*.mds) format from a source disc. Image created allows me to burn it in to a recordable CD/DVD or mount on the alcohol virtual drive. Here I can also set the reading speed of the drive to read the CD/DVD. Its one feature of skipping the reading errors is fantastic. By using this feature I can create an image of my scratched CDs or DVDs.


Image Burning Wizard is hot enough to burn anything
The hot burner of Alcohol is capable to burn the CDs or DVDs. It support almost all image formats like mds, bwt, b5t etc. It can also burn my CDs orDVDs by using well known common image formats like iso and nrg.


Copy Wizard - A Clone Maker
Combining the reading and writing process CD/DVD Copies discs from a CD/DVD drive to a CD/DVD recorder. Process is very straight forward; simply insert the source disc into the CD/DVD source drive and a recordable disc into the CD/DVD recorder. The process is simple. I just need to simply click on the Copy Wizard icon or click on Copy Wizard from the "File" dropdown menu and then I need to select the CD/DVD source drive from CD/DVD device list and choose the reading speed. The details of the source disc will be shown on the window.


Image Finder can find life
Image finder wizard on the main menu search image files kept on my hard drive or on any CD/DVD drive. Here I could select the file format from the several types provided and later I can add the selected files to Alcohol 120% mount drive.


Erase Wizard Enough to wash your CD/DVD
Erase wizard deletes the existing data/files from the recordable CD/DVD. Simply I just need to insert the CD/DVD in to the drive and Click on the Erase button. Here I can select one of the two methods of erase “Quick Mode” or Erase Full Disc for erasing all existing contents of the CD/DVD. It is a better option for data security.


Xtra Wizard for some Extra Power
Xtra wizard allows me to easily create image files from my own files stored on my computer; the process is very simple and can be done by simply dragging and dropping files from explorer in to this wizard.


CD/DVD Manager as an assistant
The CD/DVD Manager provides System information of my computer and information of the CD/DVD devices installed on my computer. It not only show all installed devices but also show me all technical details of the installed devices, which is very helpful for me sometimes.



Control your intake of Alcohol with Setting Options
It is the right place to control my application as par my requirements. All settings are divided in main four sections. From the General section I can modify many settings related to Display, sound effect, Log files, Reading, and data type etc. Recording section gives me power to control my recording, whereas Virtual Drive section provides the option to take control on the virtual drive created by Alcohol 120.  And the Emulation section has some option to set the emulation for various functions.


Bottom Tag
Alcohol 120% is really a rocking tool that I think should be on every PC, not for the piracy but it should be used for taking backup of important CDs or DVDs.

Author: Manoj Goel Review on: Alcohol 120%

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