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AOL Instant Messenger, AIM, is the next generation free online chat service.

License: FreewarePublisher: AOL LLC.

OS: Windows 7, Vista, 2003, XP, 2000

Update: 2012-03-05 19:17:58Latest Version:

AIM 6.9 Beta 4 – Instant Messaging With A Lot Of Extras

AIM (stand for America On Line (AOL) Instant Messenger) is the third most popular IM application, only behind Windows Messenger and Yahoo! Messenger. It combines a buddy list and instant messaging features with a lot of extra content. Like in any other program of this kind you can create a user account, add other users and chat with them through text messages, establish a video conference and much more.
Besides correcting diverse errors and problems, this new Beta version also brings really interesting novelties. So, in this articles we are going to go through them to see what's new on AIM.

Note: To use this application you must create an account (don't worry it is as free as the AIM client itself and it only takes a few minutes to sign up).

Lots of Extras
AIM 6.9 Beta 4 brings a lot of extra functionality like the support for new plugins to watch videos or to share music or listen to online radios, it also integrates some mini games that we will be able to play with our contacts. In my opinion, the online radio is one of the best offered plugins as it works great, I only had to wait for a few seconds for it to buffer and from that moment on it offered an excellent sound quality and used very little system resources including network.

AIM also brings a new functionality that permits us to see all our messages from a single window, new personalization options are offered as well, improving the integration between the client and the mobile system for sending instant messages.

It also includes an option to save a record of the conversations, and notifies you if the person you are chatting with is writing or not, moreover, this version includes real time messaging meaning that you can see instant messages from your contacts even before being sent, yes every single character you write, pretty weird huh? Clearly, both sides have to agree to this real time chatting mode to be activated.

Regarding e-mails, AIM includes instant notification when a e-mail arrives to your inbox and gives you the possibility to open it in a browser window.

More Functionallity
With AIM we have the possibility of creating lists of contacts and ingenious mix between them, you can transfer files and have a conversation with the use of your webcam. It also bring  integration with social networks like Facebook or Twitter trough plugins.

To summarize the specific novelties brought by version 3.9 Beta 4 version I can enumerate the most outstanding ones: at first sight we can see a set of four icon for Send IM, Buddy List Setup, Change Expressions and Color Theme, secondly, a handy look up has been added to the Add Buddy window, now we can search for a single email then add the sender to our Buddy List in just a few clicks, this feature is also accessible through  the Buddy List set up icon > Search for a Buddy. Another interesting novelty is that now we can manage our "searchability" anytime in Edit > Settings > Privacy. And to end up with main novelties, we can see that overall AIM comes packed with friend-finding tools, new ways to follow our friends' updates from sites like Twitter and YouTube, plus more ways to make our profile work for us like displaying our photo in our Buddy Info at Edit > My Buddy Info .

To Sum Up
This instant messaging client developed by America On Line has many innovative features and functionalities that are not found in other similar products available. The only thing that in my opinion can be a bit of a bother is the fact that we have to see a lot of adds all the time, but besides that, AIM works really fine.

Do you use AIM as you instant message center? Let us know what you think of it by leaving a comment below. We are really eager to share opinions with you.

Author: Lucas Artigas Review on: AIM

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