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What is Brothersoft PPD?

PPD, Pay-Per-Download, is an effective online ads solution which will increase your products' visibility and increase the download number, and finally generate more revenue for you.

Where is the ads and how much it costs?
Position Lowest price
Home page(Windows/Game) 0.1
search page 0.05
Category pages 0.02(Your category) 0.05(Other categories)

Click the position, you will see the exact position where your software will be displayed.

Features of Brothersoft PPD

- Competitive price: Minimum bid is $0.05
- Downloads generation: Multiply your download number
- Complete control: Set a daily spend limit, pause/resume the campaign etc.
- Targeted: Target audience by keyword or category
- Eye-catching positions: Locate your ads in prime postions
- Easy tracking: Data as impressions and downloads are provided
- Superior support: Account manager always there ready to help
- Value-added service: Fast realease, fast update, and more

How to sign up for PPD?

1) Login your author account here, then enter the PPD control pannel by clicking on the "Pay Per Download" button.
2) Choose a product and then place bids for it in "Ads Management" section
3) Make the "payment" from the sysyem and the campaign can be activated


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